Saturday, January 27, 2007

Axe of Dismemberment

In addition to being a +1 axe, this deadly weapon deals critical hits, removing limbs like a vorpal sword. It does not sever heads, merely other body parts, such as limbs and digits. Still, it's pretty nasty. It's been known to render warriors useless in battle, their arms sundered from their corporal beings.

This nasty item and the magic that powers it was developed by orc mages in the Northern Reaches, but has been strongly adopted by all the demi-human races in the Fjordlands.

On a successful critical hit, roll a d6. On a one, the DM chooses a limb that is severed.

Due to the tainted nature of the item, this axe cannot work for a day after a restoration or repair spell is cast upon it. In these cases it acts as a normal axe. It also needs to taste blood before the special dismembering power is activated.

Oh, and you don't want to fumble wielding this item -- critical failures mean you roll 1d6 on yourself. On a one, you lose something!

This weapon has left many a knighly warrior shouting, "Come back and fight -- I'll bite your legs!" and other sad taunts.

Moderate necromancy and transmutation; CL 18th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, wither limb, keen edge; Price +4 bonus: 32,000 gp.

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