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Nazur Tscheryn

The renouned mage of Charille created many magic items found in the realm.

Outclassed in his youth by other mages of the day, notably Djander, he spent much of his early adulthood amassing a fortune crafting magic items for the merchant and the upper classes. This enabled him to practice magics with minimal supervision, especially by the authorities of the kingdom. There are those who say he experimented with dark magic, but he actually remained clear of the school of necromancy, which tempted him at every turn in his research.

Over his career, he has gone down in history as the creator of many magic items found within the realm:

Bag of Haggling
Brooch of Tangents
Ring of Melding
Cloak of Midnight
Helm of Hiding
Appraiser's Gem
Rod to Ruin
Nazur's Wand and its many variants
many warded coffins

In his golden years, he has created a potpourri mixture of reagents he calls Magedust which has been known to improve the duration of certain schools of magic, among other effects.

Speaking to him of Djander (even to this day) sends him into a rage.

Nazur Tscheryn
Medium-size Male Human

Hit Dice: (15d4)+15
Hit Points: 63
Initiative: +0
Speed: Walk 30 ft.
AC: 10 (flatfooted 10, touch 10)
Attacks: *Dagger +1 +8/+3;*Dagger +1 (Thrown) +8/+3; ;
Damage: *Dagger +1 1d4+1;*Dagger +1 (Thrown) 1d4+1; ;
Face / Reach: 5 ft. / 5 ft.
Special Qualities: +2 bonus to Spellcraft when learning Divination, Summon Familiar
Saves: Fortitude: +6, Reflex: +5, Will: +11
Abilities: STR 11 (+0), DEX 10 (+0), CON 13 (+1), INT 29 (+9), WIS 15 (+2), CHA 8 (-1)
Skills: Appraise 14; Balance 1; Bluff -1; Climb 0; Concentration 19; Craft (Alchemy) 15; Craft (Gemcutting) 14; Craft (Untrained) 9; Decipher Script 14; Diplomacy -1; Disguise -1; Escape Artist 0; Forgery 11; Gather Information 1; Heal 2; Hide 0; Intimidate -1; Jump 0; Knowledge (Arcana) 15; Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering) 12; Knowledge (Dungeoneering) 14; Knowledge (Geography) 17; Knowledge (History) 16; Knowledge (Local) 14; Knowledge (Nature) 12; Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty) 13; Knowledge (The Planes) 16; Listen 2; Move Silently 0; Profession (Bookkeeper) 3; Ride 1; Search 11; Sense Motive 3; Speak Language(Elven, Celestial, Draconic) 3; Spellcraft 29; Spot 3; Survival 2; Swim 0;
Feats: Craft Rod, Craft Wand, Craft Wondrous Item, Empower Spell, Enlarge Spell, Extend Spell, Greater Spell Penetration, Heighten Spell, Maximize Spell, Scribe Scroll, Spell Penetration
Challenge Rating: 15
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Possessions: Dagger +1; Headband of Intellect +6; Ring of Mind Shielding; Rod of Negation; Wand of Mirror Image;

Spells per Day: (4+1/7+1/6+1/6+1/6+1/6+1/4+1/3+1/2+1/ DC:19+spell level)
Wizard - Known:
Level 0: Acid Splash, Arcane Mark, Bullet, Cipher, Control Shadow, Dancing Lights, Daze, Decode, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Dim Illumination, Ember, Flare, Ghost Sound, Granitehand, Light, Mage Hand, Mending, Message, Night-Vision, Open/Close, Prestidigitation, Puff of Wind, Ray of Frost, Read Magic, Resistance, Shovel, Signal Fire, Sort, Spark, Spectral Dart, Trip
(more to list later)

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Many agree that the Wyndm-folk are the native people of the Lands of North Bay (Západní Stará). Their skin ranges from light to dark, depending on where they spend most of their time. In fact, there are those who claim that their skin changes from week to week based on the amount of sunlight and other stimulation they are experiencing. Even their hair is likely to change from week to week, making it difficult to distinguish between them based solely on appearance. Wyndm-folk otherwise appear as humans.

• Medium: As Medium creatures, Wyndm-folk have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
• Wyndm-folk base land speed is 30 feet, and they only receive half the penalty for any terrain in the Lands of West Old Bay.
• 1 extra feat at 1st level.
• 4 extra skill points at 1st level and 1 extra skill point at each additional level.
• Automatic Languages: Common and two of the Wyndm languages, one as the first (native) language, and one of another, neighboring Wyndm tongue. Bonus Languages: Any. See the Speak Language skill.
• Favored Class: Any, except barbarian, monk or wizard. When determining whether a multiclass Wyndm-folk takes an experience point penalty, his or her highest-level class does not count. It is rare to see a Wyndm-folk lawful good cleric or paladin.
• Favored alignment: Neutral
• Unique Languages: Forest Wyndm, Marsh Wyndm, Mountain Wyndm. There is no real name for these, as there is no word in any of the Wyndm Tongues for language.

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Lighthouse Ruins

After launching their vessel with Old Man Thorenson, the players have crossed Onuago Bay and approach Harpy Point. According to the locals, the only accessible landing on all of Harpy Point is at the base of the cliffs below the abandoned lighthouse. This location details that area and the lighthouse above.

The ruins of an old lighthouse adorn the promontory at the top of Harpy Point. Gargoyles have occupied the stony structure, where they rest upon the domed lamp at the top of the structure.

1 Rocky Shore

Waves beat upon the rocks, the sound conjuring up the blacksmith's hammer against an anvil. The wide island has nary a entry point, even from the air. Sharp rocks line the shore like pikes set against an invading army.

After some time floating in the water and making successful search checks vs. DC 25 (35 or more if night) the party spies a narrow slit in the rocks, just large enough for a skiff to skirt the spikes. A DC 25 profession (sailing) check is required to successfully navigate the passage without damage to the vessel. Should their ship flounder, DC 15 swim checks are required to traverse the channel leading to the tiny shore and steps.

2 Stony Steps

On the other side of the narrow passage, a 10' shore provides a landing at the bottom of a set of stones set into the cliff.

If the players land and climb the steps, they find that they are slick. Every 60' along this 240' natural staircase, players must make a DC 10 climb check or slip.

3 Ledge

Most of the way (180') up the stone steps there is a ledge that overlooks the sea. Screeches echo across the sky, but no visible creatures descend. An old lighthouse looms above, the solemn destination of this rocky climb.

4 Promontory

The steps end here at the tip of a promontory which juts out over the sea. A lighthouse looms at hand here, the far end of this level of the island. A passable trail appears to descend down into the lower interior of the island beyond the lighthouse.

5 Lighthouse Entry

The lighthouse has fallen into disrepair. The door hangs on to its last rotting fibers, revealing a small room behind.

As the players approach, read:

The door falls off its hinges, splintering into multiple half-boards. The cracking wood echoes up and back down the staircase up in to the darkness, followed by a faint screech.

The doorway enters into a cloak room, at the far end of which is set of steps, leading up. The cloak room has been vandalized; anything that may have had value has been gone for some time now.

6 Narrow Spiral Staircase

This narrow staircase is very poorly lit, and the crumbling walls reveal severe rot in the mortar. The place is absent of all smell; not even the salty sea penetrates the porous walls.

The steps can only support a small amount of weight at a time, so they creak and moan as the players ascend. If the party weight exceeds 1,000 pounds, they collapse at a weak point 40' up the ascent and the party falls, taking 4d6 points of falling damage. A DC 15 search check and a DC 10 knowledge (engineering or architecture) check will allow the players to spot the weak point as they approach it.

7 Lamp

The staircase opens out into a platform overlooking the bay. Stone gargoyles adorn the rooftop, an odd adornment for such a utilitarian structure. The lamp unit itself has long since disappeared, and the glass dome is all broken.

Creatures (EL 11): The gargoyles are (of course!) alive, and move once the players are in range of their surprise attacks. From their vantage atop the lighthouse, they have been aware of the party ever since they set foot on Harpy Point.

If the encounter with the party of initially unfriendly gargoyles goes well (DC 25 Diplomacy check to modify their attitude from unfriendly to friendly) the party can gain a valuable source of information about the lay of Harpy Point and it's namesakes. They are on more or less friendly terms with the harpies, and if the gargoyles are convinced to be helpful (DC 40 Diplomacy check) they will be given a token that will help them negotiate later encounters with the harpies: the ritual greeting the gargoyles use whenever beginning a conversation with them, "Winged wretches, all on rock, gaze at morsels on the dock, sea foam splash, thunder clash, on the stones their bodies crash." Opening a conversation with the harpies using this rhyme will give a +4 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy checks.

If the party is hostile or threatening, however, they gargoyles will gladly attempt to rend them limb from limb.

A party of gargoyles has taken up residence in this abandoned lighthouse. They have traveled far together over the years from their people's home in the wastelands to the east of the Middle Kingdoms. Seasoned adventurers, they have lived here for some months in relative comfort, picking off the citizens of Onuago and the other towns around the bay. They are single-handedly the most responsible force for decimating the population of the nearby settlements. Their names are pronounced with a trilled r, and double consonants are pronounced twice.

Partaxis CR 7
Male gargoyle fighter 3
CE Medium-Size monstrous humanoid (earth)
Init: +3 Senses: darkvision 60 ft. Listen +4, Spot +4
Languages: common

AC: 22 (+5 armor, +4 natural, +3 dex) touch 13, flatfooted 19
HP: 81 (HD 4d8 + 3d10 + 42) DR 10/Magic
Fort: +10 Ref: +8 Will: +6

MV: 40 ft., fly 60 ft (average)
Attack: overclaw gauntlet +13 (1d6+5 / 19-20 x 2)
Full Attack: overclaw gauntlet +14 (1d6+5 / 19-20 x 2) and claw +12 (1d4+4) and bite +10 (1d6+2) and gore +10 (1d6+2)
Space / Reach: 5 ft. / 5 ft.
Base Attack: +7 Grapple: +15

Abilities Str 19 Dex 17 Con 22 Int 7 Wis 12 Cha 4
SQ: freeze
Feats: Multiattack, Improved Critical (overclaw gauntlet), Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple, Weapon Focus (overclaw gauntlet)
Skills: Hide +7*, Swim +7, Listen +4, Spot +4

possessions: breastplate, +1 overclaw gauntlet.

Rexx-r CR 7
Male Gargoyle sorcerer 3
AL Medium Size monstrous humanoid (earth)
Init: +3 Senses: darkvision 60 ft. Listen +6, Spot +6
Languages: terran, some common

AC: 21 (+4 natural, +4 mage armor, +3 dex) touch 13, flatfooted 18
HP: 54 (HD 4d8+3d4+28) DR 10/Magic
Fort: +7 Ref: +9 Will: +10 - with resistance

MV: 40 ft., fly 60 ft (average)
Attack: claw + 9 (1d4)
Full Attack: 2 claws +9 (1d4+3) and bite +7 (1d6+1) and gore +7 (1d6+1)
Space / Reach: 5 ft. / 5 ft.
Base Attack: +5 Grapple: +8

Abilities Str 16 Dex 17 Con 19 Int 4 Wis 14 Cha 11
SQ: freeze
Feats: Multiattack, Still Spell, Combat Casting
Skills: Concentration +8, Hide +7*, Listen +6, Sense Motive +3, Spot +6

Spells Available:
0th (6 per day): detect magic, daze, ghost sound, ray of frost, resistance
1st (5 per day): mage armor, ray of enfeeblement, shocking grasp

Possessions: spell component pouch on a lanyard.

Tortt CR 7
Female Gargoyle rogue 3
LE Medium Size monstrous humanoid (earth)
Init: +5 Senses: darkvision 60 ft. Listen +4, Spot +8
Languages: common

AC: 21 (+4 natural, +5 dex, +1 dodge, +1 deflection) touch 16, flatfooted 16
HP: 71 (HD 4d8+3d6+35) DR 10/Magic
Fort: +7 Ref: +11 Will: +5, Evasion

MV: 40 ft., fly 60 ft (average)
Attack: short sword + 11 (1d6+4)
Full Attack: short sword + 11 (1d6+4) and claw +10 (1d4+3) and bite +8 (1d6+1) and gore +8 (1d6+1)
Attack Options: Sneak Attack +2d6
Space / Reach: 5 ft. / 5 ft.
Base Attack: +6 Grapple: +9

Abilities Str 17 Dex 19 Con 20 Int 10 Wis 11 Cha 4
SQ: Freeze, Evasion
SA: Trap Sense +1, Trapfinding
Feats: Multiattack, Dodge, Mobility
Skills: Craft (trapmaking) +3, Disable Device +8, Hide +7*, Listen +4, Sense Motive +5, Search +6, Spot +8, Tumble +6

Possessions: +1 Short Sword, Ring of Protection +1.

Kattaxx CR 7
Female Gargoyle cleric 3
NE Medium Size monstrous humanoid (earth)
Init: +1 Senses: darkvision 60 ft. Listen +4, Spot +4
Languages: common, some terran

AC: 19 (+4 natural, +5 armor, +1 dex) touch 11, flatfooted 19
HP: (HD 4d8+?) DR 10/Magic
Fort: +8 Ref: +5 Will: +9

MV: 40 ft., fly 60 ft (average)
Attack: claw + 13 (1d4+6)
Full Attack: claw +13 (1d4+6) and claw +12 (1d4+6) and bite +10 (1d6+3) and gore +10 (1d6+3)
Space / Reach: 5 ft. / 5 ft.
Base Attack: +6 Grapple: +12

Abilities Str 19 (23) Dex 12 Con 19 Int 8 Wis 14 Cha 9
SQ: freeze,
SA: command or rebuke undead, turn air creatures, rebuke or command earth creatures, scent
Feats: Multiattack, Combat Casting, Power Attack
Skills: Concentration +8, Hide +7*, Knowledge (religion) +2, Listen +4, Spot +4

Spells Prepared or Available:
1st: bless (already cast), cure light wounds, magic fang* (already cast)
2nd: cure moderate wounds, bull's strength (already cast)
Domains: domain (bestial, earth)

Possessions: chain mail, holy symbol of Kerilia, Major Elemental Spirit: a piece of unworked granite on a lead chain.

Tactics: The gargoyles have prepared with some spells as the PCs have approached their roost, already included in their stats above. The gargoyles' close-quarter tactics include well-coordinated attacks especially between the sorcerer, rogue and fighter. The fighter will often grapple an opponent, who the rogue will quickly slay with a flurry of sneak attacks. Spellcasters who draw attention to themselves will be countered with bull rushes or grapples followed by a drop from the heights onto wave-beaten rocks 400 feet below. They be tight.

If reduced to less than 1/4 HP, the gargoyles will attempt to flee the scene, and will probably move off to less hostile pastures, perhaps in the mountains near castle Steiglitz.

Treasure: The gargoyles have managed to collect a fair amount of wealth from their victims, and have hidden it within rotating mechanism upon which the broken lamp rests. It consists of several leather sacks and a backpack with 53 platinum coins, 200 gold coins, 525 silver coins, a small gold bracelet worth 4 gold, a solid gold sculpture of tritons on hippocampus worth 750 gold, a freshwater pearl worth 10 gold, a black pearl worth 550 gold, a polished obsidian worth 15 gold, and a golden yellow topaz worth 450 gold. Tortt, the rogue, has rigged it with a crude crossbow trap, however, as a precaution against her friends stealing what she considers hers.

Basic Arrow Trap:
CR 1; mechanical; proximity trigger; manual reset; Atk +10 ranged (1d6/×3, arrow); Search DC 20; Disable Device DC 20.

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The Shan'n'nur Cult

The Shan'n'nur are a mysterious and paradoxical order.

Their name is taken from the Nimberlan Elvish, and is translated as "those who hate magic".

Founded during the Anmagus Crusades after the fall of Soguer, the Shan'n'nur were originally a group of worshipers of Baccob who had been made to repent the use and worship of magic, and therefore were spared death at the hand of the inquisitors of The Sword of Light. Encouraged to join the crusade, the broken but grateful penitents quickly became one of it's most zealous elements.

Over the course of the crusade, use of magic by this group eventually became tolerated, receiving the official sanction of the High Pontiff of Heronious. Even so, their devotions were carefully watched over by wardens from the Sword of Light through the long years of the crusade and the eventual siege of the last temple of Baccob.

After the High Pointiff declared the Anmagus Crusade over, the Shan'n'nur Cult became the church's official enforcers of edicts related to the use of magic through all the lands surrounding the Soral Sea. In those 30 years their wardhouses have become grim edifices in many of the cities through the middle kingdoms. However, in the chaotic warring states of former Soguer their influence is now much less felt and hedge mages and war-sorcerers are beginning to be heard of in those lands.

Over the years they have become extremely secretive in their ritual, and have broken somewhat from the church. Influenced by doctrines of Hextor in the region of former Soguer they are very focused on control of society, and publicly offer worship to Hextor and Heronious. They have also become a hedonistic group, and utilize sensual energies in their duties, their magic and their worship. This trend is the result of the worship of Grazz'at by a small group of the elders in the cult, who have spread that demon lord's mores, if not his name, to their brethren under the guise of magically useful teachings. Grazz'at himself is savoring the long slow betrayel of the church by the Shan'n'nur, who were themselves founded in betrayel.

A few in the church of Heronious are growing wary of this group, but distance from the Seat of the Hight Pointiff and general weakness and disorginazation within the church prevent an internal inquiry from taking place.

Shan'n'nur buckler / Witchwarden buckler

These bucklers grants spell resistance to the wielder, leaving the hand free to perform the arcane gestures needed to cast spells.

When the Shan'n'nur assemble to confront a rogue spellcaster, they do so en mass. They are a unnerving sight, dressed provocatively beneath their long robes, wearing ceremonial masks, bucklers on their arms, and wand or sword in their hands. Seeing them, none can doubt that their prey are doomed.

The bucklers confer a +1 shield bonus to AC, just as a normal finely crafted buckler would. They are also generally enchanted to provide a +1 enhancement bonus to AC. In addition, they grant the wielder Spell Resistance 13.

Made of the finest metals and engraved with the arcane symbols of Shan'n'nur warding, these shields do not confer an armor check penalty. Even as light as they are, they sometimes interfere with arcane gestures, and cause a 5% chance of arcane spell failure.

Finally, as with all bucklers, the armor bonus is not applied for these bucklers on the turn that their wearer used their shield arm to attack or cast a spell. The SR is still applied, however.

Strong abjuration; CL 15th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, spell resistance; Price 9,165 gold; Weight 3 lbs.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Barael's Blade: the first Witch-blade

Forged by the Crow Mage from shards of darkness, infused with the finest dwarven steel, and honed by his half-breed apprentice to near-vorpal sharpness, this blade was wielded by Barael, the famous bastard child of King Elespor Galdius.

It is said that it takes a warrior's hand and a wizard's mind to wield this blade and those crafted in it's image. The original Witch-blade has many special properties, and is a demon-bane +2 hand-and-a-half sword. It has the same dispelling and counterspelling properties that all witch-blades share. In addition, it is an sentient weapon with a deadly thirst for the blood of those who lead the worship of abominations, such as the Spider Priests of the Shona'qua dark elves whom Barael led a vicious crusade against.

As its fame grew, the cultists of Shan'n'nur attempted to wrest this blade from Barael's possession in order to learn the secrets of it's construction. For many years the cult hounded him and would send agents after him whenever his travels brought him to the middle kingdoms.

The cult was never successful in subduing Barael or eliciting his cooperation, though they nearly succeeded once, when he was seduced by one of their agents. Eventually the leaders of the Shan'n'nur decided to abandon their efforts, as it was too great a drain on the organization's mediocre resources.

Years of research later, the Shan'n'nur duplicated the witch-blade effect with the help of Barael's old foe Faduardo Gantonín and began enchanting their long knives and swords with the property.

The Witch-blade: all witch blades share this property. They are ensorceled such that they may be used once a day to either remove or counter magical effects, but only in the hands of an arcane spellcaster. This property adds an additional 4,200 gold to the magic weapon's cost and is the equivalent to an additional +1 enhancement for purposes of determining maximum weapon enchantment.

Eldritch Parry: As a standard action, they may be used to counterspell. When used in this way they function exactly as though the wielder had cast dispel magic to counterspell. All caster level checks use the wielder's arcane caster character level.

Sever Spell: As a standard action they may be used to perform a targeted dispel magic. The blade must touch the target of the dispel, be it a creature, object, or continuing area spell. As with the counterspell ability, the blade uses the wielder's arcane caster level when making the caster level check.

Moderate abjuration; CL 5th; must be a bladed weapon, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, dispel magic; Price 4,200 gold.

Author's note: The Priest of Doom would like to thank The Sword for inspiration.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bag of Haggling

Originally developed by Nazur Tscheryn, mage of Chaurille, as a way to acquire reagents at reduced rates (as well as to communicate with the denizens of the night that peddle eyes of newt, nightshade, and other fine things)

A favorite among merchants, this bag (also available as a purse) has been enchanted such that it helps negotiate deals on behalf of the owner. The quality of the negotiation varies from purse to purse, depending on the quality of the caster. The purse allows the owner to speak the language of his or her collocutor to facilitate the negotiation. An average example of this purse also adds a +10 circumstance bonus to all skill checks that involve negotiating prices (Diplomacy, Bluff, etc.).

Faint abjuration; caster level 3rd; tongues, eagle's splendor, Craft Wondrous Item; 7,500 gold.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Location: Onuago In Chaos

This post gives an overview of the state of Onuago at the start of the third part of The Horror of the Old Ones: the Begotten of the Old Ones have overrun the town and it lies in chaos.


At this point the PCs have discovered the source of the strange mutations that have plagued this area for centuries: some type of horrific aberration that slumbers beneath the rocky Harpy Point in Onuago Bay.

The players cross the swamp to Onuago to find the dismal swampy town overrun with misshapen, mutated Begotten of the Old Ones. While the players were traveling back, the Old One, awakened by the priest Ernaldus's ritual, emerged from its cocoon where it had slumbered beneath Harpy Point, crossed the bay, and lumbered out of the sea onto the wharfs.

As it emerged from the sea the sullen clouds began to rumble and release a heavy rain. Lightning and thunder accompanied the enormous monstrosity as it wandered through the town, and its very presence caused reality to run and melt like wax. Buildings, inhabitants, and the land itself have been twisted into alien, nightmare versions of themselves. This trail of chaos winds through the town like the path of a tornado of twisting unreality, before returning to the sea.

As the players come upon the scene, the town is in complete pandemonium. Begotten of the Old Ones are scattered throughout, most of them raving mad from the trauma of their transformations from lifelong townsfolk. Those who were not changed and have not been able or willing to flee the town for the wilderness of the swamps are either cowering or fighting across the town. When the players encounter these townsfolk, they should learn of the last nights events from them.

The weather has also turned for the worst -- wet pellets assault the party, a mixture of rain and hail. The precip has definitely hit the fan!


Encounters in the location include several run-ins with The Begotten of the Old Ones.

Masks of the Shan'n'nur

The officials of the Shan'n'nur wear these masks during rituals and when in public performing their mysterious duties and enforcing the will of their cult in the cities.

As befits the wearers, the masks give the practitioners several abilities they find useful as they police the use of magic in the areas they control.

Lesser Mask of the Shan'n'nur
  • charm person or cause fear: only works on on those who are not members of the Shan'n'nur - 3/day
  • detect magic - at will
  • detect evil/good/law/chaos: according to wearer's alignment: the wearer can detect alignments opposite to hers - at will

Faint divination and enchantment; Caster Level 1st; charm person, cause fear, detect magic, and detect alignment, creator must be a member of the Shan'n'nur; Price: 4,200 gold, Weight 1 lb.

The master's masks grant the following additional powers:

Greater Mask of the Shan'n'nur
  • arcane sight for up to 5 minutes per day
  • true seeing for up to 10 minutes per day
  • analyze dweomer for 11 rounds, 1 / 3 days
Faint divination and enchantment; Caster Level 11th; analyze dweomer, true seeing, arcane sight, charm person, cause fear, detect magic, and detect alignment, creator must be a member of the Shan'n'nur; Price: 53,400 gold, Weight 1 lb.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Encounter: Begotten Run Amok in Onuago (EL 11)

These encounters detail some run-ins with the Begotten and citizenry in the ruins of Onuago. The players must rescue some children from a group of spawn. They have an opportunity to help an old woman safeguard her family fortune. Finally the players get in contact with Thorenston, who helps them get to Harpy Point.

Encounter: Children of Horrors (EL 7): the players run into a group of Begotten threatening townsfolk in an area of town transformed by the old one's passage. Here, a part of the street has been transformed into a deep muddy channel when the Old One crossed it. The buildings to either side have been plowed down and the surrounding buildings are warped and twisted as though viewed through a fun house mirror. One to the left is emitting a low moaning sound, and it's doorway shrinking and expanding in time with the groans.

Just them screams of terror can be heard from a half-melted house across the street. If the players investigate they find a small group of begotten inside the house menacing a group of three children, one of whom lies limp on the floor.

Creatures: Begotten Of the Old Ones (2) HP: 61, 79. In actuality, the Begotten are these children's parents, hideously transformed by the Old One's proximity. If the players attack, the begotten will defend themselves.

If the PCs ask the children what's wrong and succeed at calming them (DC 25 Diplomacy check) the children will reveal that the begotten were their parents before the enormous scary thing walked through the house next door. The unconscious child has fainted in terror.

In any case, the players only have 2d4 rounds to act before the Begotten lose the last shred of sanity that is keeping them from attacking the children.

A polymorph, remove curse or break enchantment will return the parents to their normal selves.

Encounter: The Madame's Chambers (EL 7-9): the players walk by the snug harbor inn, which was untouched by the chaos. If able to talk their way inside (DC 15 diplomacy check), the barkeep relates the tale of last night's terror. He tells the players about hearing a commotion before some townsfolk ran inside to say a sea monster had climbed up onto the docks and was headed towards town. Shortly thereafter a hideous fish-mad wearing rags crashed into the inn and bit Sven the porter's left arm clean off before anyone could blink an eye. Since then he, the tap room's regulars and a few terrified townsfolk have been holed up in the Inn, fighting off the occasional monstrous former friend.

Mme Babushka requests the player's assistance escorting her to her house to safeguard some family heirlooms, offering a reward of 200 gold for their bravery. If uninterested, she will work her way up to 500 gold. If the players accept, they must escort Mme. Babushka across town to her house, which is indeed infested with begotten of the old ones (eight in all). In addition, the house is no longer structurally sound, and presents a difficult gauntlet as the players work their way upstairs to her private chambers. There Mme. Babushka's treasures are intact, and she offers to pay the player's once they return her safe to the Snug Harbor.

Creatures: Begotten of the Old Ones (8): HP: 64, 68, 77, 74, 68, 53, 51, 61.
and medium animated objects (10): HP:
35, 23, 27, 24, 30, 39, 30, 31, 29, 31. In groups of two to four throughout the house, these Begotten are drawn here by the lingering energies of the Old One. Those energies were so strong here that much of the furniture has come to life and will join in attacking anything that enters in groups of two or three.

Regardless of weather the players assist Mme. Babushka, the proprietor of the snug harbor will inform them that Old Man Threnston had come around asking about them several days ago, saying he had been doing work on a ship.

Encounter: Old Man Threnston's Last Ship (EL 10): Noah-like, old man Thorenston has built or fixed up a small one-sail ship that the players may use crossing to harpy point. Once they encounter him at the dry-docks near his home in east Onuago, he needs their help getting the ship launched. As the players must launch the ship in the storm down the dry-dock by rope. Those working to slowly lower the ship must stand two behind and two beside the ship, each slowly letting a length of rope out. The dry dock itself is a sloped wooden frame and ramp that begins on the shore above the tide-line and slopes down into the water. The frame that keeps the ship upright on the ramp gives those immediately next to the ship cover but also create difficult terrain: characters move at half speed through it.

The strength checks required are a series of five DC 13 strength checks by four people. On each round of checks, for each player that fails their check, everyone else's checks go up by 1 point. For each person not pulling on the ropes, everyone else's strength check goes up by 3 points. Thus for one person to lower the ship requires five DC 22 strength checks. Failure on everyone's part on the strength checks yields consequences according to the chart below.

After the second round of checks, the laboring PCs are attacked by a group of Begotten who climb up out of the water onto the dry docks and attack the two players on the sides of the ship.

Creature: Begotten of the Old Ones (3): HP: 67, 65, 67

Strength Check Failure: as the players let go of the ropes to fight, the other's strength checks go up. Failed strength checks results in various consequences depending on how badly highest check fails:
Bad (failed by 1-5): the ship is let slip and flies into the water much too quickly. In addition to being damaged and requiring constant bailing, it must now be retrieved somehow before the waves and wind take it away or dash it upon the shore. Award 80% experience for the encounter.
Worse (failed by 6-10): one or more of the players (or Thorenson) to the sides of the ship are bowled over by the ship as it is loosed and must make a DC 20 reflex check to avoid 6d6 points of bludgeoning damage as the ropes pull them down and the ship grinds over them on its way down the dry dock. Award 60% experience for the encounter.
Worst (failed by 10+): the ship flies loose and crushes several people as above, who also become tangled in the ropes and pulled out to sea with the uncontrolled ship. Swim and escape artist checks are required to avoid drowning, or those pulled in must be rescued. Award 40% experience for the encounter.

Afterwards, there are challenges getting across the bay: strength for rowing or Profession (Sailing) checks , a chance to capsize, etc.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wand of Wandering

This wand (actually a rod) provides many of the functions necessary for surviving on long journeys. It is generally crafted from a length of willow driftwood and topped with a depiction of a monarch butterfly in gold or amber.

locate object (2nd) 1 / day
know direction (0th) 3 / day
create food and water (3rd) 1 / day
use of the endurance feat while in the user's possession

verbal component: Danaus plexippus

Moderate divination, faint conjuration and transmutation; Caster level 5th; create food and water, know direction, endurance, locate object; Cost 11,450 gold; weight 2 lbs.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Denssa Gradon

Denssa is a creature of pure power: draconic blood runs strong in her veins and she has channeled her arcane power into destructive avenues. A distant descendant of a black dragon (or so she claims, pointing to her dark red scales), Denass speaks with a wickedly forked tongue. A compulsive liar, nothing she says can be trusted. A practiced liar, it's almost impossible to tell (+21 Bluff).

This facility combines with the disguise self from her magic ring quite well in social situations, and as a result she is the Iron Coven's main spy.

Often she will work with Bara Hunanik, bugbear cleric, to create magic items they need to execute the Iron Coven's plans.

Denssa Gradon CR 14
NE Female Kobold sorcerer 14
small humanoid
Init: Senses: darkvision 60 ft, +0 Listen, +0 Spot
Languages: Draconic, Common

AC: 14 (+1 natural armor, +3 dex, ) 22 with shield and mage armor cast
HP: 34 (HD 14d4) 62 with bear's endurance
Fort: +4 Ref: +7 Will: +9
Weakness: Light Sensitivity

MV: 30 ft or fly 60 ft
Attack: +5 staff 1d4-3 or +11 light crossbow 1d6
Space / Reach: 5 ft / 5 ft
Base Attack: +7/+2 Grapple:

Abilities: Str:5 Dex:16 Con:10 Int:13 Wis:11 Cha: 20
SQ: lizard familiar
Feats: craft wondrous item, spell focus evocation, spell focus transmutation, greater spell focus evocation, greater spell focus transmutation
Skills: +21 Bluff, +17 Concentration, +13 Hide, +3 search, +18 Spellcraft

Spells Prepared or Available: (DC 15 + spell level)
0th (6/day): detect magic, mage hand, ray of frost, read magic, message, ghost sound, daze, prestidigitation, resistance
1st (6/day): magic missile, reduce person, expeditious retreat, burning hands (DC 18), shield
2nd (6/day): scorching ray, invisibility, resist energy, glitterdust (DC 17), bear's endurance
3rd (6/day): fireball (DC 20), lightning bolt (DC 20), slow (DC 20), vampiric touch
4th (6/day): polymorph, fire shield, dimension door, stone skin
5th (6/day): baleful polymorph (DC 22), cone of cold (DC 22), telekinesis (DC 22)
6th (5/day): chain lightning (DC 23), disintegrate(DC 23)
7th (3/day): prismatic spray (DC 24)

Possessions: (45k worth) masterwork staff, masterwork crossbow, wand of mage armor (17 charges left, 255 gp), cloak of charisma +2 (16,000 gp), winged boots (16,000 gp), ring of chameleon power (12,700 gp), potion of cure moderate wounds.

Minions: lizard familiar

A kobold character has a +2 racial bonus on Craft (trapmaking), Profession (miner), and Search checks.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Serpentward Purse

Generally decorated with thread-of-gold depicting a dragon or wyrm, this purse is similar to the magically warded wailing purse, with the difference that any touching or opening of it by anyone except the wearer results in a ghostly viper rearing up from the purse and striking the would-be purloiner.

When the snake strikes, the thief must succeed at a DC 14 reflex save. If they fail, they are engulfed in a shimmering amber field of force and immobilized until released, either at your command or when 1d4 days + one day per caster level have elapsed. The effect is identical to those of the spell sepia snake sigil.

Faint abjuration; Caster level 5th; sepia snake sigil, Craft Wondrous Item; Price 7,500 gold; Weight 1/2 lb.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


In his youth, Djander outcast his contemporaries in every mage competition. But those were days when the citizens were less superstitious, when the Kingdom of Vandor stretched over the northern lands and magic was revered. His successes granted him access to the king, who hired him as the kingdom's chief mage and counsel.

For the next twenty years, Djander researched and developed most of the new magic in Vandor while the kingdom's power waned. During this time, he began to experiment with Time magic. When the king passed, the land split into the Ten Princedoms. In the smallest princedom, the Isle of Trochu, Djander lives today, though he splits his arcane consulting services among all ten princes.

Slightly absent-minded and short-tempered in his old age, Djander remains very active, and occasionally consults on and develops magic items in his working retirement. In his consulting position with the king, his successes included:

  • Winged Helm (Flying Item)

  • Bag of Withholding (Phasing Item)

  • Phase Guardian (Phasing Construct)

  • Djander
    Medium-size Male Human

    Hit Dice: (15d4)
    Hit Points: 45
    Initiative: -1
    Speed: Walk 30 ft.
    AC: 11 (flatfooted 11, touch 11)
    Attacks: *Dagger +1 +7/+2;*Dagger +1 (Thrown) +7/+2; ;
    Damage: *Dagger +1 1d4;*Dagger +1 (Thrown) 1d4+1; ;
    Vision: near-sighted, so wears corrective lenses
    Face / Reach: 5 ft. / 5 ft.
    Special Qualities: Summon Familiar
    Saves: Fortitude: +5, Reflex: +4, Will: +14
    Abilities: STR 9 (-1), DEX 8 (-1), CON 11 (+0), INT 29 (+9), WIS 21 (+5), CHA 16 (+3)
    Skills: Appraise 11; Balance -1; Bluff 3; Climb -1; Concentration 18; Craft (Alchemy) 22; Craft (Untrained) 9; Decipher Script 22; Diplomacy 7; Disguise 3; Escape Artist -1; Forgery 9; Gather Information 3; Heal 5; Hide -1; Intimidate 3; Jump -1; Knowledge (Arcana) 27; Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering) 10; Knowledge (Geography) 12; Knowledge (History) 15; Knowledge (Local) 10; Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty) 27; Knowledge (The Planes) 12; Listen 5; Literacy 1; Move Silently -1; Profession (Bookkeeper) 7; Ride -1; Search 9; Sense Motive 5; Speak Language(Abyssal, Celestial, Draconic, Elven) 4; Spellcraft 29; Spot 5; Survival 5; Swim -1; Use Magic Device 4;
    Feats: Craft Construct, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Wand, Craft Wondrous Item, Empower Spell, Heighten Spell, Improved Familiar, Maximize Spell, Scribe Scroll, Spell Penetration
    Challenge Rating: 15
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Possessions: Boots of Levitation; Dagger +1; Headband of Intellect +6; Outfit (Scholar's); Periapt of Wisdom +2; Ring of Mind Shielding; Ring of Protection +2; Robe of Useful Items;

    Spells: (many, but try asking him for a list!)

    Familiar: Charm, Pseudodragon

    Thursday, February 08, 2007

    Wailing Purse

    This purse has been enchanted such that attempts to pick it from it's owner result in a loud alarm. The alarm varies from purse to purse, but is generally a shouted "thief! thief!" in the language of the enchanter.

    Weak abjuration; caster level 1st, alarm, Craft Wonderous Item; 1,000 gold

    Alternate versions are powered by magic mouths, allowing a higher range of sounds and responses, such as singing, biting, or saying things like “You don't really need that, do you? Can we afford that?”. These are considerably more expensive, in the 6,000 gold range.

    Tuesday, February 06, 2007

    The Visage of Scahrossar

    According to legend, this black leather Mask was a gift from Scahrossar, goddess of pain, to a legendary priest of Oldimara, her brother, the god of trickery. The turmoil surrounding the events that transpired are chronicled in the bard's song "Blood Tears of Hernisia".

    The Visage's surface matches the contours of a face, and is adorned with delicate inlays of silver and steel, but there are no holes for the eyes, nose or mouth. On the interior side, there are two one inch iron spikes where the eye holes would be. Black silk ribbons hang from the sides and can be tied together to secure it to the head. Because of the lack of mouth opening, the wearer's voice is somewhat muffled and breathy. In spite of this those dealing with the wearer find them shudderingly fascinating and compelling.

    In order to use this item one must put it on, piercing one's own eyes with the iron spikes. This process inflicts 1d4 points of damage and results in permanent blindness. This blindness can be magically cured if the Mask is removed, but donning it will once again result in blindness. Unless exceptionally strong-willed the wearer has no desire to remove the Mask at any rate (DC 28 Will save).

    This Mask radiates moderate evil.

    As long as the wearer has the mask on they gain the following benefits:
    - Blindsense to a range of 45'
    - True Seeing: the ability to pierce illusions and disguises within the blindsense. This does not confer actual sight.
    - +5 enhancement bonus to Charisma
    - Suggestion 3/day (DC 20 Will save to resist)
    - +5 profane bonus to search and spot

    Strong divination, transmutation and enchantment [evil]; CL 18.

    Monday, February 05, 2007

    Cut-less Cutlass

    This cursed blade makes it harder (-2 to attack rolls) to hit enemies. Otherwise, it is normal.

    The adornments on the hilt of the sword hint at lands where volcanoes loom overhead and coconuts and pomegranates contitute a portion of the local diet. The sword is unique, the result of a craft wondrous item gone wrong. It has been in the hands of a unknowing pirate for many years now, a pirate whose battles have left him increasingly scarred and broken.

    Sunday, February 04, 2007

    Helm of Entrapment

    This helm employs an illusion to trick the wearer into putting it on backward, so the eye holes face backward. This effectively blinds the character, and since the item is cursed, the wearer cannot willingly remove it. A remove curse spell will allow the wearer to doff the entrapping helm.

    Moderate transmutation; CL 7th; Craft Wondrous Item, bestow curse; Price 1,300 gp.

    Helm of Hiding

    This helm (really a leather cap) improves the wearer's chance of hiding. It provides a +5 competence adjustment on all Hide checks while worn.

    Faint transmutation; CL 5th; Craft Wondrous Item, darkness; Price 2,500 gp;Weight 1 lb.

    Saturday, February 03, 2007

    Phase Object

    What a drag it is getting old.

    This spell was discovered by the elder wizard Faduardo Gantonín in the Phyloctæte, who was hell-bent on prolonging his life. Sadly for him, he never made it very far (only a round forward and a round back), but other mages have since put this magic to good use in less grandiose contexts.

    Phase Object (Time / Transmutation) Lvl 6

    Transmutation [Time]
    Level: Cleric 6, Sor/Wiz 6
    Components: V, S, M
    Casting Time: 1 standard action
    Range: Touch
    Effect: One object shifts in time in defined cycles
    Duration: 1 cycle/level (see text)
    Saving Throw: see text
    Spell Resistance: Yes

    By waving her index finger and repeating the verbal component, Os-Il-Ate, the caster shifts an object in time one round forward or back from the present, alternating back-present-forward-present and so on for 1 cycle/lvl. The caster must continue the verbal component at relative intervals to maintain the spell. This doesn't interfere with other spells since the verbal component is so simple.

    If cast on a container (no larger than a bag), all the items inside the container also phase shift in time. Certain mages have found ways to cast the spell on on the items inside the bag, creating the Bag of Withholding (future post -- or is it past?). The downside to this spell is that items can become lost in time if the caster is not careful, trapped one round in the past of the caster.

    The Greater version of the spell (9th level) allows the caster to shift a number of items up to their level a number of cycles up to their level into the future and past.

    Friday, February 02, 2007

    Activity Spike

    This magic item is activated whenever the activity in the room grows too active, at the DM's discretion, of course. The spike then enlongates from 3 inches to 3 feet and deals 2d6 on a successful hit from the sharp end. Unfortunately, since the large spike is unwieldy, unless the wielder has an exotic weapon feat, he or she will suffer a -2 penalty to hit.

    The spike can also be used as a club, and deals damage as a, you guessed it, club.

    This item could also be used creatively to many humorous (and deadly) ends. Think about it.

    This item radiates a minute amount of magic.

    Price: 1,500gp