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Encounter: Begotten Run Amok in Onuago (EL 11)

These encounters detail some run-ins with the Begotten and citizenry in the ruins of Onuago. The players must rescue some children from a group of spawn. They have an opportunity to help an old woman safeguard her family fortune. Finally the players get in contact with Thorenston, who helps them get to Harpy Point.

Encounter: Children of Horrors (EL 7): the players run into a group of Begotten threatening townsfolk in an area of town transformed by the old one's passage. Here, a part of the street has been transformed into a deep muddy channel when the Old One crossed it. The buildings to either side have been plowed down and the surrounding buildings are warped and twisted as though viewed through a fun house mirror. One to the left is emitting a low moaning sound, and it's doorway shrinking and expanding in time with the groans.

Just them screams of terror can be heard from a half-melted house across the street. If the players investigate they find a small group of begotten inside the house menacing a group of three children, one of whom lies limp on the floor.

Creatures: Begotten Of the Old Ones (2) HP: 61, 79. In actuality, the Begotten are these children's parents, hideously transformed by the Old One's proximity. If the players attack, the begotten will defend themselves.

If the PCs ask the children what's wrong and succeed at calming them (DC 25 Diplomacy check) the children will reveal that the begotten were their parents before the enormous scary thing walked through the house next door. The unconscious child has fainted in terror.

In any case, the players only have 2d4 rounds to act before the Begotten lose the last shred of sanity that is keeping them from attacking the children.

A polymorph, remove curse or break enchantment will return the parents to their normal selves.

Encounter: The Madame's Chambers (EL 7-9): the players walk by the snug harbor inn, which was untouched by the chaos. If able to talk their way inside (DC 15 diplomacy check), the barkeep relates the tale of last night's terror. He tells the players about hearing a commotion before some townsfolk ran inside to say a sea monster had climbed up onto the docks and was headed towards town. Shortly thereafter a hideous fish-mad wearing rags crashed into the inn and bit Sven the porter's left arm clean off before anyone could blink an eye. Since then he, the tap room's regulars and a few terrified townsfolk have been holed up in the Inn, fighting off the occasional monstrous former friend.

Mme Babushka requests the player's assistance escorting her to her house to safeguard some family heirlooms, offering a reward of 200 gold for their bravery. If uninterested, she will work her way up to 500 gold. If the players accept, they must escort Mme. Babushka across town to her house, which is indeed infested with begotten of the old ones (eight in all). In addition, the house is no longer structurally sound, and presents a difficult gauntlet as the players work their way upstairs to her private chambers. There Mme. Babushka's treasures are intact, and she offers to pay the player's once they return her safe to the Snug Harbor.

Creatures: Begotten of the Old Ones (8): HP: 64, 68, 77, 74, 68, 53, 51, 61.
and medium animated objects (10): HP:
35, 23, 27, 24, 30, 39, 30, 31, 29, 31. In groups of two to four throughout the house, these Begotten are drawn here by the lingering energies of the Old One. Those energies were so strong here that much of the furniture has come to life and will join in attacking anything that enters in groups of two or three.

Regardless of weather the players assist Mme. Babushka, the proprietor of the snug harbor will inform them that Old Man Threnston had come around asking about them several days ago, saying he had been doing work on a ship.

Encounter: Old Man Threnston's Last Ship (EL 10): Noah-like, old man Thorenston has built or fixed up a small one-sail ship that the players may use crossing to harpy point. Once they encounter him at the dry-docks near his home in east Onuago, he needs their help getting the ship launched. As the players must launch the ship in the storm down the dry-dock by rope. Those working to slowly lower the ship must stand two behind and two beside the ship, each slowly letting a length of rope out. The dry dock itself is a sloped wooden frame and ramp that begins on the shore above the tide-line and slopes down into the water. The frame that keeps the ship upright on the ramp gives those immediately next to the ship cover but also create difficult terrain: characters move at half speed through it.

The strength checks required are a series of five DC 13 strength checks by four people. On each round of checks, for each player that fails their check, everyone else's checks go up by 1 point. For each person not pulling on the ropes, everyone else's strength check goes up by 3 points. Thus for one person to lower the ship requires five DC 22 strength checks. Failure on everyone's part on the strength checks yields consequences according to the chart below.

After the second round of checks, the laboring PCs are attacked by a group of Begotten who climb up out of the water onto the dry docks and attack the two players on the sides of the ship.

Creature: Begotten of the Old Ones (3): HP: 67, 65, 67

Strength Check Failure: as the players let go of the ropes to fight, the other's strength checks go up. Failed strength checks results in various consequences depending on how badly highest check fails:
Bad (failed by 1-5): the ship is let slip and flies into the water much too quickly. In addition to being damaged and requiring constant bailing, it must now be retrieved somehow before the waves and wind take it away or dash it upon the shore. Award 80% experience for the encounter.
Worse (failed by 6-10): one or more of the players (or Thorenson) to the sides of the ship are bowled over by the ship as it is loosed and must make a DC 20 reflex check to avoid 6d6 points of bludgeoning damage as the ropes pull them down and the ship grinds over them on its way down the dry dock. Award 60% experience for the encounter.
Worst (failed by 10+): the ship flies loose and crushes several people as above, who also become tangled in the ropes and pulled out to sea with the uncontrolled ship. Swim and escape artist checks are required to avoid drowning, or those pulled in must be rescued. Award 40% experience for the encounter.

Afterwards, there are challenges getting across the bay: strength for rowing or Profession (Sailing) checks , a chance to capsize, etc.

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