Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Denssa Gradon

Denssa is a creature of pure power: draconic blood runs strong in her veins and she has channeled her arcane power into destructive avenues. A distant descendant of a black dragon (or so she claims, pointing to her dark red scales), Denass speaks with a wickedly forked tongue. A compulsive liar, nothing she says can be trusted. A practiced liar, it's almost impossible to tell (+21 Bluff).

This facility combines with the disguise self from her magic ring quite well in social situations, and as a result she is the Iron Coven's main spy.

Often she will work with Bara Hunanik, bugbear cleric, to create magic items they need to execute the Iron Coven's plans.

Denssa Gradon CR 14
NE Female Kobold sorcerer 14
small humanoid
Init: Senses: darkvision 60 ft, +0 Listen, +0 Spot
Languages: Draconic, Common

AC: 14 (+1 natural armor, +3 dex, ) 22 with shield and mage armor cast
HP: 34 (HD 14d4) 62 with bear's endurance
Fort: +4 Ref: +7 Will: +9
Weakness: Light Sensitivity

MV: 30 ft or fly 60 ft
Attack: +5 staff 1d4-3 or +11 light crossbow 1d6
Space / Reach: 5 ft / 5 ft
Base Attack: +7/+2 Grapple:

Abilities: Str:5 Dex:16 Con:10 Int:13 Wis:11 Cha: 20
SQ: lizard familiar
Feats: craft wondrous item, spell focus evocation, spell focus transmutation, greater spell focus evocation, greater spell focus transmutation
Skills: +21 Bluff, +17 Concentration, +13 Hide, +3 search, +18 Spellcraft

Spells Prepared or Available: (DC 15 + spell level)
0th (6/day): detect magic, mage hand, ray of frost, read magic, message, ghost sound, daze, prestidigitation, resistance
1st (6/day): magic missile, reduce person, expeditious retreat, burning hands (DC 18), shield
2nd (6/day): scorching ray, invisibility, resist energy, glitterdust (DC 17), bear's endurance
3rd (6/day): fireball (DC 20), lightning bolt (DC 20), slow (DC 20), vampiric touch
4th (6/day): polymorph, fire shield, dimension door, stone skin
5th (6/day): baleful polymorph (DC 22), cone of cold (DC 22), telekinesis (DC 22)
6th (5/day): chain lightning (DC 23), disintegrate(DC 23)
7th (3/day): prismatic spray (DC 24)

Possessions: (45k worth) masterwork staff, masterwork crossbow, wand of mage armor (17 charges left, 255 gp), cloak of charisma +2 (16,000 gp), winged boots (16,000 gp), ring of chameleon power (12,700 gp), potion of cure moderate wounds.

Minions: lizard familiar

A kobold character has a +2 racial bonus on Craft (trapmaking), Profession (miner), and Search checks.

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