Sunday, February 25, 2007

Shan'n'nur buckler / Witchwarden buckler

These bucklers grants spell resistance to the wielder, leaving the hand free to perform the arcane gestures needed to cast spells.

When the Shan'n'nur assemble to confront a rogue spellcaster, they do so en mass. They are a unnerving sight, dressed provocatively beneath their long robes, wearing ceremonial masks, bucklers on their arms, and wand or sword in their hands. Seeing them, none can doubt that their prey are doomed.

The bucklers confer a +1 shield bonus to AC, just as a normal finely crafted buckler would. They are also generally enchanted to provide a +1 enhancement bonus to AC. In addition, they grant the wielder Spell Resistance 13.

Made of the finest metals and engraved with the arcane symbols of Shan'n'nur warding, these shields do not confer an armor check penalty. Even as light as they are, they sometimes interfere with arcane gestures, and cause a 5% chance of arcane spell failure.

Finally, as with all bucklers, the armor bonus is not applied for these bucklers on the turn that their wearer used their shield arm to attack or cast a spell. The SR is still applied, however.

Strong abjuration; CL 15th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, spell resistance; Price 9,165 gold; Weight 3 lbs.

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