Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Visage of Scahrossar

According to legend, this black leather Mask was a gift from Scahrossar, goddess of pain, to a legendary priest of Oldimara, her brother, the god of trickery. The turmoil surrounding the events that transpired are chronicled in the bard's song "Blood Tears of Hernisia".

The Visage's surface matches the contours of a face, and is adorned with delicate inlays of silver and steel, but there are no holes for the eyes, nose or mouth. On the interior side, there are two one inch iron spikes where the eye holes would be. Black silk ribbons hang from the sides and can be tied together to secure it to the head. Because of the lack of mouth opening, the wearer's voice is somewhat muffled and breathy. In spite of this those dealing with the wearer find them shudderingly fascinating and compelling.

In order to use this item one must put it on, piercing one's own eyes with the iron spikes. This process inflicts 1d4 points of damage and results in permanent blindness. This blindness can be magically cured if the Mask is removed, but donning it will once again result in blindness. Unless exceptionally strong-willed the wearer has no desire to remove the Mask at any rate (DC 28 Will save).

This Mask radiates moderate evil.

As long as the wearer has the mask on they gain the following benefits:
- Blindsense to a range of 45'
- True Seeing: the ability to pierce illusions and disguises within the blindsense. This does not confer actual sight.
- +5 enhancement bonus to Charisma
- Suggestion 3/day (DC 20 Will save to resist)
- +5 profane bonus to search and spot

Strong divination, transmutation and enchantment [evil]; CL 18.

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