Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bag of Haggling

Originally developed by Nazur Tscheryn, mage of Chaurille, as a way to acquire reagents at reduced rates (as well as to communicate with the denizens of the night that peddle eyes of newt, nightshade, and other fine things)

A favorite among merchants, this bag (also available as a purse) has been enchanted such that it helps negotiate deals on behalf of the owner. The quality of the negotiation varies from purse to purse, depending on the quality of the caster. The purse allows the owner to speak the language of his or her collocutor to facilitate the negotiation. An average example of this purse also adds a +10 circumstance bonus to all skill checks that involve negotiating prices (Diplomacy, Bluff, etc.).

Faint abjuration; caster level 3rd; tongues, eagle's splendor, Craft Wondrous Item; 7,500 gold.

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