Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Shan'n'nur Cult

The Shan'n'nur are a mysterious and paradoxical order.

Their name is taken from the Nimberlan Elvish, and is translated as "those who hate magic".

Founded during the Anmagus Crusades after the fall of Soguer, the Shan'n'nur were originally a group of worshipers of Baccob who had been made to repent the use and worship of magic, and therefore were spared death at the hand of the inquisitors of The Sword of Light. Encouraged to join the crusade, the broken but grateful penitents quickly became one of it's most zealous elements.

Over the course of the crusade, use of magic by this group eventually became tolerated, receiving the official sanction of the High Pontiff of Heronious. Even so, their devotions were carefully watched over by wardens from the Sword of Light through the long years of the crusade and the eventual siege of the last temple of Baccob.

After the High Pointiff declared the Anmagus Crusade over, the Shan'n'nur Cult became the church's official enforcers of edicts related to the use of magic through all the lands surrounding the Soral Sea. In those 30 years their wardhouses have become grim edifices in many of the cities through the middle kingdoms. However, in the chaotic warring states of former Soguer their influence is now much less felt and hedge mages and war-sorcerers are beginning to be heard of in those lands.

Over the years they have become extremely secretive in their ritual, and have broken somewhat from the church. Influenced by doctrines of Hextor in the region of former Soguer they are very focused on control of society, and publicly offer worship to Hextor and Heronious. They have also become a hedonistic group, and utilize sensual energies in their duties, their magic and their worship. This trend is the result of the worship of Grazz'at by a small group of the elders in the cult, who have spread that demon lord's mores, if not his name, to their brethren under the guise of magically useful teachings. Grazz'at himself is savoring the long slow betrayel of the church by the Shan'n'nur, who were themselves founded in betrayel.

A few in the church of Heronious are growing wary of this group, but distance from the Seat of the Hight Pointiff and general weakness and disorginazation within the church prevent an internal inquiry from taking place.

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