Monday, February 19, 2007

Location: Onuago In Chaos

This post gives an overview of the state of Onuago at the start of the third part of The Horror of the Old Ones: the Begotten of the Old Ones have overrun the town and it lies in chaos.


At this point the PCs have discovered the source of the strange mutations that have plagued this area for centuries: some type of horrific aberration that slumbers beneath the rocky Harpy Point in Onuago Bay.

The players cross the swamp to Onuago to find the dismal swampy town overrun with misshapen, mutated Begotten of the Old Ones. While the players were traveling back, the Old One, awakened by the priest Ernaldus's ritual, emerged from its cocoon where it had slumbered beneath Harpy Point, crossed the bay, and lumbered out of the sea onto the wharfs.

As it emerged from the sea the sullen clouds began to rumble and release a heavy rain. Lightning and thunder accompanied the enormous monstrosity as it wandered through the town, and its very presence caused reality to run and melt like wax. Buildings, inhabitants, and the land itself have been twisted into alien, nightmare versions of themselves. This trail of chaos winds through the town like the path of a tornado of twisting unreality, before returning to the sea.

As the players come upon the scene, the town is in complete pandemonium. Begotten of the Old Ones are scattered throughout, most of them raving mad from the trauma of their transformations from lifelong townsfolk. Those who were not changed and have not been able or willing to flee the town for the wilderness of the swamps are either cowering or fighting across the town. When the players encounter these townsfolk, they should learn of the last nights events from them.

The weather has also turned for the worst -- wet pellets assault the party, a mixture of rain and hail. The precip has definitely hit the fan!


Encounters in the location include several run-ins with The Begotten of the Old Ones.

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