Thursday, February 22, 2007

Barael's Blade: the first Witch-blade

Forged by the Crow Mage from shards of darkness, infused with the finest dwarven steel, and honed by his half-breed apprentice to near-vorpal sharpness, this blade was wielded by Barael, the famous bastard child of King Elespor Galdius.

It is said that it takes a warrior's hand and a wizard's mind to wield this blade and those crafted in it's image. The original Witch-blade has many special properties, and is a demon-bane +2 hand-and-a-half sword. It has the same dispelling and counterspelling properties that all witch-blades share. In addition, it is an sentient weapon with a deadly thirst for the blood of those who lead the worship of abominations, such as the Spider Priests of the Shona'qua dark elves whom Barael led a vicious crusade against.

As its fame grew, the cultists of Shan'n'nur attempted to wrest this blade from Barael's possession in order to learn the secrets of it's construction. For many years the cult hounded him and would send agents after him whenever his travels brought him to the middle kingdoms.

The cult was never successful in subduing Barael or eliciting his cooperation, though they nearly succeeded once, when he was seduced by one of their agents. Eventually the leaders of the Shan'n'nur decided to abandon their efforts, as it was too great a drain on the organization's mediocre resources.

Years of research later, the Shan'n'nur duplicated the witch-blade effect with the help of Barael's old foe Faduardo Gantonín and began enchanting their long knives and swords with the property.

The Witch-blade: all witch blades share this property. They are ensorceled such that they may be used once a day to either remove or counter magical effects, but only in the hands of an arcane spellcaster. This property adds an additional 4,200 gold to the magic weapon's cost and is the equivalent to an additional +1 enhancement for purposes of determining maximum weapon enchantment.

Eldritch Parry: As a standard action, they may be used to counterspell. When used in this way they function exactly as though the wielder had cast dispel magic to counterspell. All caster level checks use the wielder's arcane caster character level.

Sever Spell: As a standard action they may be used to perform a targeted dispel magic. The blade must touch the target of the dispel, be it a creature, object, or continuing area spell. As with the counterspell ability, the blade uses the wielder's arcane caster level when making the caster level check.

Moderate abjuration; CL 5th; must be a bladed weapon, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, dispel magic; Price 4,200 gold.

Author's note: The Priest of Doom would like to thank The Sword for inspiration.

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