Sunday, October 28, 2007

Invisible Ink

Introduced to the continent of Farghal by the famed aquatic gnome illusionist and deep sea adventurer Tish Granjeur, invisible ink is used by mages and others to leave messages that can only be seen by those who can detect the invisible.

Invisible ink has also recently been used as a spell component in certain illusory spells having to do with obscuring objects or thoughts. Alchemists have begun to dilute invisible ink for use as a component of invisibility potions. Leather rubbed with this ink during the tanning process tends to be imbued with a hiding property, and cloth with near-invisibility, so this has been seen as a cheap way to make cloaks of near-invisibility. This is truly a multi-purpose solution.

Invisible ink gives off a faint magic glow that is often undetected by detect magic -- those affected by detect magic must search for the ink in order to find it, unless it is present in large quantities (such as in a quill of invisible ink or in one of the above items).

Invisible ink is distilled from the ink of invisisquids, transparent creatures of the deep waters of the Emerald Sea. The ink must be extracted from the creatures' pair of white nidamental glands while they are still living, making the ink relatively hard to come by, especially for those who live on terra firma.

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