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Medium Town: Conventional; AL LN; 10,000 gp limit; Assets 2,000,000 gp; Population 3,000; Mixed (95% human, 2% halfling, 1% elf, 1% gnome, 1% dwarf).

Junction lies along the road from the Jæruel to the Cyrűk Mountains and into Northbay. The walled town has 3,000 inhabitants, many of whom moved to the town relatively recently. The town is still expanding along with its walls, so there is much housing still under construction along the edges of town. Junction enjoys a relatively high standard of living, as there is much abundant produce and rolling fields for cattle to graze upon in the area, and nice stone that is mined in Alabaster to the north. Fish stream in from the coastal town of Uppwint the southeast.

Junction serves as the main hub of the trade route from the Cyrűk Mountains to the Jæruel, and part of its wealth has developed through the high tariffs imposed by the local Jæruel officials. These official live in the southeast of town in a gated community.


The buildings in Junction are mostly made of wood. Much of the mansions in the wealthy quarter have stone foundations and parts of walls made of stone. The city hall and older buildings along Market St. are made of stone. Parts of the city walls are stone -- 5 feet every 10 foot section of wall. Much of this stone was brought in from Alabaster to the north, though some was quarried a few miles northeast of Junction.


Market Street runs east-west in the center of the walled city. Local merchants without a permanent shop set up each morning along this thoroughfare which is much wider than the streets in the rest of the town. Guard towers are prominent features in this town of local militia. All the troops report to the Jæruel who very clearly run the town.

Justice Street runs north-south from Market St. to the North Gate. The Temple of Justice sits at the corner of Justice and Market. Thieves are usually sent to the temple to repent before being tried.

The southeast quadrant of the town is the wealthy residential area known as Sunnlunt. Eight large mansions occupy the space, each with its own stables. Shrines line the main roads into the quadrant, filled with scenes painted from humanized images of Garl Glittergold.

The northeast is home to the arena. Many people live in this part of town, including warriors and small-time merchants who sell wares in and around the arena during events. There is also a temple to the god of war along Market St. To the east end of Market St., East Gate overlooks Fish Square, where the fresh catch is brought in from Uppwint and other, smaller fishing villages along the coast.

The north central part of town is known as the Jæruel district. This is where the city hall, the temple of justice and the Jæruel administrative buildings can be found. The quarters in this part of town are equivalent to decent merchant homes. Guards stationed at the North Gate keep watch over Pork Square, home of the famous pig auctions.

The southwest district is known as the Merchant quarter, named because it is home to many successful merchants, as well as a temple and the Climbing Rose Inn. The homes are fairly well cared for and there is only moderate crime. The West Gate overlooks Apple Square, where much produce enters the city.

If not for the troops stationed in this part of town, the northwest would perhaps be a sketchy part of town. In addition, given the walled nature of the city, crime is not as rampant as one would expect for a population of nearly 3,000, over 4,000 on the heavier trading days, and 5,000 during the first market days of the lunar cycle.

Map Key
1 Justice Temple of Hieroneous
2 Peace Temple of Fharlanghn
3 War Temple to Kord
4 Druid Temple to Ehlonna
5 Various Shrines

6 Town Hall
7 Trade Winds Oak (south side of Town Hall)
8 Arena
9 Merchant Museum

a Luxord Manor
b Dwenton Manor
c Tynold Manor
d Swansyd Manor
e Jarlsbyd Manor
f Hox Manor
g Antol Manor
h Tanebrux Manor

A Apple Square
F Fish Square
G Garrisons
i Market Inn
j Jæruel
J Jæruel Square
k Kiosks
m Mills
M Mercantile Square
n Inn
o The Three 'N' Blankets
p Stables
P Pork Square
q Residences
r The Climbing Rose
s Shops
t Towers
T Small Taverns
u Blacksmiths
v Warrior Guild
w Mage Houses
x Training Grounds
y Magic Shop
z Jæruel Quarters

The buildings outside the town walls are barns and farmhouses. On the north end of the town are pig stalls and to the northwest is Eggelt Farms, where chickens are raised and vegetables grown.


Junction is a town of many merchants. They live decent lives selling their wares and keeping the populace well fed. Farmers come to town and sell produce most days of the week, and with the constant influx of travellers, the inns remain at least half full, and the visitors meander about the markets in the morning hours before setting off for adventure. When the weather is favorable, there is much music and dance in the streets, but when it rains, the people are glum, moping about in the taverns and waiting out the weather.

There is a slight feeling of inequity among the poorer workers in town. When the ruling Jæruel officials parade along Market St. or show themselves in the arena, the people eye them suspiciously. Foreigners are welcomed as long as they are strong warriors. The people of Junction can't stand weakness -- they've worked too hard to stand it.

Jæruel leaders administering Junction:
Tarrin Dwenton
Darrius Luxord
Felonious Hox
Mortimyr Swansyd
Lynus Tynold

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