Sunday, February 03, 2008


Plague is a new supernatural disease type, with symptoms resembling the black plague.

Gamemasters will likely want to limit the amount of plague in their games, as it tends to drag the players down, but in certain tainted planes, over-populated cities, and bogs, plague might creep its way into the game.

Plague infects its victims on contact with an infected creature, requiring a DC 22 Fortitude save to avoid. The incubation period is 1d12 days since there are so many ways in which it can spread. Plague causes 1d4 Con damage per day afflicted with the disease on a failed save, and once they feel symptoms of the disease, can easily spread it to those they touch. Unlike normal diseases, the victim must make 3 days worth of successful saves to begin recovering from the plague.

Plague is immune to remove disease, though heal and other higher-level spells will remove plague from a victim.

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