Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Curse of the Beast

Warlock (Fey) Attack 13

With a magic word and gesture, your foe is transformed into a bleating sheep. "Bah! I thought you'd be a tougher foe than that!" you exclaim.

Encounter <> Arcane, Polymorph, Implement
Standard Action Ranged
Attack: Charisma vs Will
Hit: The foe is turned into a harmless animal of your choosing that is native to the area (save ends). This transformation does not alter the target's stats in any way, except that they can fly or swim as appropriate to their new form. While transformed, the target cannot make standard actions or activate any powers: they only actions they can take are map moves.
Upon three failed saves this effect becomes permanent and must be removed by Remove Affliction or similar magic.

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