Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wine of Telling

The various wines of telling inspire wondrous stories of faraway lands in those who drink them. Those consuming the same wine as the storyteller receive bonuses to follow the story as it is being told. In the hands of a powerful enough bard, these stories lead to adventures in these lands. Different wine types lead to different stories (and thus different adventures) -- think forks tuned to different planes.

Here, the effect is felt by those who hear stories told by those under the influence of the wine. For instance, if a bard tells a story about a far away land, and has been drinking wine of telling, all those who can hear the story are whisked away to the foreign land for the duration of the buzz.

Wine of telling is usually served from the clay decanters in which they are distributed. This keeps the sunlight from ruining the flavor or the enchantment.

Price: 500-1000gp. To make wine of telling, it takes someone with a Profession: Vintner of 5 one month per batch. In addition, the vintner must have access (either through arcane magic or access to magical grapes) to the ability to teleport or plane shift. The effects of the wine are limited by which of these powers the vintner imbues the wine with.

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