Friday, December 05, 2008

The Basilisk of Weldon Estate

The many generations old Wheldon Estate has a proud history as a mercenary's retreat. However, its recent history is less shared by members of the family, as it has been abandoned for decades by men. Rumor has it that a Wheldon once returned from an adventure in a farway land with a lizard pet, which overgrew its bonds and took hold of the estate's central house. Following the departure of the family from the region, embarrassed by the events that followed, the local magistrate has assumed ownership the country estate at the edge of town. They have an open challenge, which if accepted and completed, will present the party with a vast reward.

How to use this plot outline in your game

Introduce this plot point as a rumor in a local bar, or as a tale told by a merchant or mercenary the party encounters in their travels. Build up the estate grounds with gruesome details, such as statuaries containing ornate, realistic-looking works (which are petrified humans, elves and dwarves which have accepted the local magistrate's challenge) and dead, overgrown trees.

The party should first visit the magistrate to learn the conflicting details. The idea is that the basilisk has occupied the estate for over ten years, so the stories and tales have been embellished out of control. The party shouldn't know exactly what to expect. Use your judgement as the storyteller, and make it convincing.

One thing that is clearly stated by the magistrate is that if they take back the estate, they get to own it. This is likely a motivating factor in the party's accepting of hte mission.

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