Thursday, January 01, 2009

Silken Scarf

These come in many varieties, colors, and textures. Most are smooth, and of a solid color or a basic pattern. The more exotic the scarf, the more powerful the incantation. In order to activate the magic contained in the scarves, the wearer must place them over their mouth, usually accomplished by wrapping them around the neck and slinging them over the mouth. When not activated, they serve a decorative purpose.

Common silken scarves include:

* Black - invisibility
* White - protection from evil
* Green - sustenance
* Blue - water breathing
* Red - fire resistance +5
* Gold - diplomacy +5
* Silver - bull's strength

Of course, these common options are supplemented by various variations upon themes, for as varieties of silken threads are woven together in different patterns, different wondrous results arise, not unlike the variations found in alchemy and potion-making.

The price of silken scarves varies, based on the nature of the enchantments upon them. In general, the more complex the pattern, the more enchantments, and thus the more expensive the silken scarf. To craft a silken scarf, one must start with enchanted silken threads, and have Craft Wondrous Item and a weaving skill of at least 5.

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