Monday, March 16, 2009

Lone Tree

This single tree stands out in the vast stretch of Bale Morrow. It is said that this tree is so affected, that birds will not even land in its branches.

Many a shady deal has gone down in this location, with many an ill consequence. Here is a random encounter table (d100).

1-10: A small party of adventurers huddles around a crude map. If approached with care, they will serve as porters through the Bale Morrow in exchange for being led through.

11-15: A wandering wizard has set up a small camp under the tree, and is busy collecting mosses and fungi for use as spell components. If approached, the party will set off his glyph of warding, and he will turn on them.

16-20: A merchant has wandered off course, and his cart is stuck in the mud. If assisted, he will offer the party a few items.

21-35: A party of gnolls waits in ambush!

36-42: The skull of a humanoid provides the first clue of a deeper mystery, culminating in uncovering a murder.

43-50: The weather turns violent, and the party must seek shelter or risk being struck by lightning.

51-95: Choose a random encounter from an appropriate table.

96-100: A magical item has been left leaning against the tree. There is a 50/50 chance that it is cursed.

Further, if anyone tries to climb the tree, the limbs will emit a low shriek, causing a 20' fear aura (DC 20). Finally, the limbs give off a murky poison (Fortitude save DC 25 or suffer 1d4+2 permanent Con damage).

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