Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sending Stones

Sending Stones allow messages to be transmitted between themselves over large distances on a single plane. The stones must be keyed to one another; two randomly-selected sending stones will likely not be compatible, though with the careful application of a sending spell cal be keyed to the same frequency. When two stones are synced in this manner, they lose their connections to their previously-connected stones.

Unfortunately, these stones tend to be found by themselves, as they are rarely kept together (this would undermine their usefulness). However, a locate object spell can help locate the destination stone.

Price: 5,000 gp. Create Wondrous Item; sending.


L said...

Cool post. My campaign is using these, and I couldn't find out what they do anywhere else

TravisRomig said...

I believe I have seen this item in the Eberron 3.5 setting. If anyone could help me find a page number I would be very thankful.