Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Thousand Eyes of Prince Sangor

This prince of a nomadic tribe is said to have a thousand eyes.

In actuality his tribe has over 500 warrior-aged men and women who act and fight in his name. As nomads, they are known to travel in many directions, even away from the tribe. They keep watch wherever they go, reporting news back to Prince Sangor through a specialized sending spell.

In person, the middle-aged prince can seem distant, since reports from his "thousand eyes" stream in constantly. To his credit, he is amazingly attentive for someone who has the central node in a hive mind in his head at all times.

The prince rarely sleeps for more than a few hours (whenever his "eyes" sleep, he is able to), leading many outsiders (and even some closer to him) to question his humanity. However, to many he comes off as a kind and generous leader who believes very strongly in core principles of honesty and justice.

The story element here is that the prince's counsel has gone missing, and he has been unable to sort through the many messages that fill his mind. The party will be sent on a search and rescue mission across the desert in order to win his trust. Sandor's top archers will accompany the party, and will teach those who use bows how better to use them. They will, of course, be able to be impressed.

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