Wednesday, August 12, 2009

GenCon 2009: Wednesday

Today, three of us from Unicorn Rampant hopped flights from Austin to Indianapolis. Had to figure out Indy's public transit system, which isn't terribly well documented. In the end, I discovered the Green Line 7, which heads from the airport to the downtown area, passing by the Convention Center and most of the hotels, including the Hyatt where I'm staying for the next few days.

We'll be running a few games, most notably For Love of Evil all day Thursday and Friday. Though it's already sold out, this is highly recommended for you 4th Edition gamers out there! We'll be releasing this as a module soon.

After an okay meal at a sports bar across from the Convention Center, we headed back to get tickets to get involved in some fun. There were a number of things already going on Wednesday; if I'd known this, I might've flown out late Tuesday night to partake. Unfortunately, they cut off the line right in front of us, so we weren't able to get into the Wednesday night games we'd hoped to play. But we did get in a Battletech session in a two-on-two battle which was almost resolved.

Now to get a (mostly) good night's sleep before getting up by 7 to get in line for tickets!

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