Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mage Purse

The mage purse is a non-magical bag containing components and reagents for casting spells, incantations, and rituals. The bag contains some many of the following items: various colors of chalk, salt rocks, beeswax, candles, parchment, various dusts and shavings, some cheap crystals, incense sticks, a spool of yarn, a quill and ink set, a bone rod, a steel rod, various sticks with runes, hawthorn, mistletoe, garlic, ginseng, ginger, a few clumps of charcoal, a silk scarf, a small mirror, silver and gold bells, tongs, flint and tinder, copper wire, a deck of cards, a brass key, various simple rings (copper, silver, gold, iron, electrum), a picolo, thread, assorted buttons, a musical triangle, an appropriate holy symbol, pins, a small cloth doll, and assorted empty vials all contained within a padded roll with attached string to tie up the roll.

Depending on the amount of items within the mage purse, the item may cost as much as 120gp, though many are available for as little as 20gp. The purse can weigh as much as 10 lbs, but standard purses are closer to 3 lbs. This item is relatively water-tight and somewhat resistant to fire. It provides many of the essential components needed to cast spells. Because of this, add a +1 to all spellcraft checks and remove 5% chance of arcane spell failure.

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