Monday, May 19, 2008

The Sorrow of Ard Shurel (Magic Item)

The fragments of legend that can be pieced together in regards to this blade are few and scattered. It is whispered that Ard Shurel was a great Warlord, rising to power during the dawn of mankind. Little is known of his path to glory, but myths allude to his gentle spirit, compassionate heart, and endless ferocity.

Having gathered his brothers to his breast, Ard mastered the savage land he found around him. Slaying those who opposed him, and embracing those who would head his wisdom. Long was the struggle with the fel creatures of the night, but gradually a fragile balance was achieved and for a time he was at peace.

The mythos claims that his heart was captured by a beautiful maiden, and that he made her his bride. Fair and pure she was, tall and slender of neck. As all such things go, they were content for a time. Sadly, their happiness was short lived, for a demon of great power had been watching Ard, gnashing it's great teeth in readiness for the day when it could strike him down.

Undar'gesh was a denizen of the shadows, a whisperer of lies. His minions lurked in darkness at fire's edge, lusting for blood to quench their never ending thirst. For years they had hurled themselves upon Ard Shurel and his men, crashing down in endless waves upon them. Defeat had left Undar'gesh with a powerful thirst for revenge, and Shurel's happiness was just another mortal weakness upon which to prey.

Each night the gloom demon would visit the beautiful bride, and whisper in her ear, casting long shadows of doubt in her mind. Her head and her heart became full of glass menageries, brittle and untrue. It was not long as demons measure time before Ard's sweet wife was lost to her own madness.

The fierce heart of Ard Shurel was sundered. The gentle spirit, and just heart grew bitter and cold with grief. In a fit of rage, he took up his great blade and slew his beloved with a single blow. As he looked upon his dying love, her eyes were cleared of their madness and she had only kind words on her lips for her champion.

Going mad with the horror of what he had done, Shurel turned his blade on his own men, drowning his sorrow in their blood. As darkness stole across the land, and the sunlight bled beyond the horizon, Ard Shurel fell upon his own blade. The last light fled, and there upon the floor lay pulsing blood red blade, a faint sound of laughter echoing in the distance.

The Sorrow of Ard Shurel
+2 wounding man-bane bastard sword
Chaotic Evil - Ego Score: 15
Int: 14, Wis: 14, Cha: 10
Speaks common and abyssal
120 ft. vision and hearing
Powers: minor image 1/day, locaete object 3/day
Special Purpose: to destroy love wherever it is found
Dedicated Power: when the sword is around those who love each other (platonic or romantic) it can use song of discord at will.

Strong Mixed Auras; 135,000 gold

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