Monday, June 09, 2008

Crystal Plate Mail

This armor is made from the same magical mix of adamantium and diamond that Glass Swords are constructed from. As armor, this material is not only as tough as the finest steel, giving a +1 enhancement bonus to AC, but also protects the wearer from magical effects.

When targeted by a spell there is a %50 chance that the spell is reflected. This operates like spell turning, with the exception that the spell bounces off the plate mail's surface in a random direction (roll d8 for scatter direction) and distance (2d12 -1 squares). If a creature is in the square that the spell is reflected into, it is instead the subject of the spell. This ability is the equivalent to a +4 enhancement bonus in terms of magic item price.

Major Abjuration; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, spell turning, caster level 17; 25,000 gold

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