Thursday, July 10, 2008

4th Edition comes to Claw / Claw / Bite !

I finally got around to looking over the terms of the new OGL for 4th edition. One page in I started to get excited because it was forbidding selling 4th edition material until October 1st, but did not mention free material, such as what you see here. Another page or two down and my cautious excitement got full-blown by this text:
Licensee may produce, publish, and distribute (a) marketing and promotional materials for Licensed Products, and (b) non-commercial Licensed Products (i.e. free), in accordance with the terms of this License prior to October 1, 2008.
As strange as it may be to get excited about a contract, this one has me all fired up because it means I can start writing and releasing material for 4th edition here, now! We've been very excited by 4th edition since we started playing a month ago, and now I'm even more excited to be able to write up and post new 4th edition monsters, spells, magic items and more.

Of course, none of this material can appear in the print or PDF versions of Claw / Claw / Bite ! for sale until October 1st, so for now it'll be online only. And since a single product line can only be for 3rd edition or 4th edition, we may launch a new magazine for 3rd edition material and switch CCB to 4th, or vice-versa.

So, start looking for new 4th edition material to use in your games here on in the next few days. I've already got the first new spell finished, so get ready to start summoning minions, wizards out there.

-Adam A Thompson

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