Friday, July 11, 2008


We've been on a mini-buying spree lately, and thought we'd let you know what we though of the pieces we've picked up.

Black Orc Games makes a great set of figures that are really interesting. Nonstandard humanoids like cat-people and monkey-men have helped round out player characters in the Savage Tide game I've been running. And they're very affordable -- many are on special for just a dollar!

Reaper Mini is where I've ordered the majority of my figures over the years, and I was looking over their site for figures to use for our 4th Edition characters. I found a figure that will work nicely for my dragonborn warlord, and one for my friend's tiefling thief. I hope to see more dragonborn-usable figures in the future from them, ones that capture the power and majesty of these two new core races, and as I write this I can see that they don't disappoint.

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Howling Mime said...

And don't forget RAFM, from whom I just received a package of tasty-looking minis, including a unicorn :)