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Aldric Tréburne

Older brother of Kilmore Tréburne, Aldric stayed home to care for the ailing family while Kilmore went forth in search of adventure. Now that the family is stabilized, thanks to Avandra's blessings, Aldric has now left home in search of his brother and his own adventure.

Along the way, he has met up with an eldarin war wizard and traveled from town to town, lending healing powers and fighting off brigands and ferocious wolves.

A playful, yet grounded, working-class elf, Aldric has developed many talents, though none that he pursues with more passion than his faith in Avandra, and healing in her name. he has been called too humorous for serious elven service, and too ill-mannered to ever represent his people abroad, so his only hope is in following his own dreams and desires.

He maintains his own gear, but is not too proud to ask for help in repairing or caring for it. His most prized possessions are a pair of ornate, buckled catgrace boots, a finely-carved shortbow +1 thunderburst, and his holy symbol of Faith to Avandra (+1d6 healing).

In addition, he wears a suit of chainmail with a small cape and carries an adventurer's kit in a backpack.

Aldric in your game: Aldric tells a decent tale, and with his diplomacy will likely have learned some things about the local area. As a healer, he is likely to have learned much of the recent adventurers of others. Aldric could serve as an NPC in a party that did not have a player in the leader role. He would allow the DM to give the party some extra healing without having a character overly bent on seeing his own will done.

Note: These are the 3.5 stats. For the 4th ed stats, visit our sister site, Tailslap.

Aldric Tréburne
Medium-size Male Elf (Wood)
Cleric 3
Hit Dice: (3d8)+3
Hit Points: 23
Initiative: +2
Speed: Walk 30 ft.
AC: 17 (flatfooted 15, touch 12)
Attacks: "Shriek" Shortbow (Shocking Burst/Masterwork) +5; Mace, Light +3;
Damage: "Shriek" Shortbow (Shocking Burst/Masterwork) 1d6; Mace, Light 1d6+1;
Vision: Low-light
Face / Reach: 5 ft. / 5 ft.
Special Qualities: +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells or effects., An elf who merely passes within 5 feet of a secret or concealed door is entitled to a Search check to notice it as if she were actively looking for it., Immunity to magic sleep effects., Spontaneous casting, Turn Undead (Su) 5/day (turn level 3) (turn damage 2d6+5)
Saves: Fortitude: +4, Reflex: +3, Will: +6
Abilities: STR 12 (+1), DEX 15 (+2), CON 13 (+1), INT 11 (+0), WIS 16 (+3), CHA 14 (+2)
Skills: Appraise 0; Balance -1; Bluff 2; Climb -2; Concentration 3; Craft (Untrained) 0; Diplomacy 4; Disguise 2; Escape Artist -1; Forgery 0; Gather Information 2; Heal 7; Hide -1; Intimidate 2; Jump -2; Knowledge (Arcana) 1; Knowledge (Religion) 1; Listen 5; Move Silently -1; Ride 2; Search 2; Sense Motive 3; Spellcraft 2; Spot 5; Survival 3; Swim -5;
Feats: Armor Proficiency (Heavy), Armor Proficiency (Light), Armor Proficiency (Medium), Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Shield Proficiency, Simple Weapon Proficiency
Challenge Rating: 3
Alignment: Neutral Good

Possessions: "Shriek" Shortbow (Shocking Burst/Masterwork); Chain Shirt; Arrows (20); Mace, Light; Outfit (Explorer's); Shield, Light; Holy Symbol; 40gp.
Deity: Avandra Domains: Luck, Healing

Spells per Day: (4/3+1/2+1/0/0/0/0/0/0/ DC:13+spell level)
Cleric - Known:
Level 0: Cipher, Create Water, Cure Minor Wounds, Decode, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Dim, Dim Illumination, Guidance, Inflict Minor Wounds, Light, Light My Fire, Mending, Pain Touch, Puff of Wind, Purify Food and Drink, Read Magic, Resistance, Sort, Startle, Virtue
Level 1: Bane, Bless, Bless Water, Cause Fear, Command, Comprehend Languages, Cure Light Wounds, Cure Light Wounds, Detect Chaos, Detect Corruption, Detect Evil, Detect Good, Detect Infraction, Detect Law, Detect Undead, Divine Favor, Doom, Emotional Stability, Endure Elements, Entropic Shield, Entropic Shield, Glass Shape, Hide from Undead, Inflict Light Wounds, Magic Stone, Magic Weapon, Obscuring Mist, Protection from Chaos, Protection from Evil, Protection from Law, Purge Inner Darkness, Remove Fear, Sanctuary, Shield of Faith, Stabilize, Summon Monster I, Wall of Darkness
Level 2: Aid, Aid, Align Weapon, Augury, Bear's Endurance, Bull's Strength, Calm Emotions, Consecrate, Cure Moderate Wounds, Cure Moderate Wounds, Darkness, Delay Poison, Eagle's Splendor, Enthrall, Find Traps, Gentle Repose, Hold Person, Inflict Moderate Wounds, Make Whole, Owl's Wisdom, Remove Paralysis, Resist Energy, Restoration, Lesser, Shatter, Shield Other, Silence, Sound Burst, Spiritual Weapon, Status, Summon Monster II, Undetectable Alignment, Weaken Stone, Zone of Truth

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