Friday, October 03, 2008


Found in the wild on slopes around the Central Valley, truthberries, or as they are known in the halfling community, welshabaer, have the effect of causing those who eat or drink their juice to remain honest, even under duress. The effect is similar to a zone of truth focused on the consumer of these berries, with a duration of anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour depending on how many berries are consumed.

Their oily outer skin gives them a texture almost of an olive in its own oil. These berries are seen in a number of forms, since they also work when baked into pies or distilled into wine or schnapps.

Truthberries can be used as the material components in various spells.

Forward thinkers in the Republic of Esrun have also used truthberries to calm warriors about to head into battle or negotiations by coating armor with their oil.

These berries sell for as much as 10gp per pound in regions far from the Central Valley, but since they grow in the wild, nobody has yet thought of trying to package them for markets.

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