Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Character: Petry Pokrm the Dish-eater (CR 8)

Petry Pokrm the Dish-eater is a man of unknown origin who fought himself out of the slums of Onuago when he was brought to the town to work as a slave as a young boy. His present-day followers are mostly of thug origin, and seek to disrupt the powers that be. It is said that he is part orc, which comes out in his violent language and actions when he drinks. His men have been seen harassing people in Onuago. His name comes from a time, after outslugging a man in a duel, as tribute he ate not only his opponent's meal, but the wooden dish it was served on. Then he took his money, and has been a thug ever since.

Fighter 3, Barbarian 5
Petry Pokrm (CR 8)
Chaotic Neutral Male Human/Quarter-Orc Barbarian 5, Fighter 3
medium humanoid
Init: Senses: normal
Listen Spot
Languages: common, orc, some Mountain Wyndm

AC: 16 (+4 armor, +2 dex)
HP: 5d12+20 + 3d10+12 (HD) 120 hp.
Fort: +7 Ref: +2 Will: +2

MV: 40'
Attack: +11 halberd 1d10+4 (x3) plus trip
or +11 falchion 2d4+4 (18-20, x2)
or +? whip disarm or trip
or +10 throwing axe 1d6+3
Full Attack: +11 / +6 halberd 1d10+4 (x3) plus trip
or +11 / +6 falchion 2d4+4 (18-20, x2)
or +3 / -2 whip disarm or trip and +2 throwing axe 1d6+3 (adjust for 2 weapon fighting)
or +11 / +6 throwing axe 1d6+3
Attack Options: Rage
Space / Reach: 5' / 5', 10' (halberd), 15' (whip)
Base Attack: +8 Grapple: +11

Abilities: Str: 17 Dex: 14 Con: 18 Int: 12 Wis: 11 Cha: 13
SQ: Fast Movement, Uncanny Dodge, Trap Sense +1, Improved Uncanny Dodge
SA: Rage 2/day
Feats: quick-draw, dodge, mobility, spring attack, power attack
Skills: +7 climb, +12 intimidate, +7 jump, +5 listen, +8 survival, +14 swim

Posessions: chain shirt, halberd, falchion, whip, 2 throwing axes.

Rage (ex): +4 str, +4 con (+16 HP), +2 will, -2 AC for up to 25 rounds.

Tactics: A wild fighter, Petry will run circles around his foes, charging in and out in a rage, droping one weapon to draw another and leaving the field of battle littered with his weapons and the limbs of his foes.

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