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Location: Onuago Old Town Hall

1 Front Facade
The Old Town Hall was once an architectural marvel, standing five stories high with a dome providing the top two stories. Now the dome has caved into the center, and the structure is nothing more than a husk with a few carved figures adorning facades. Seven marble columns rise before the entrance, five of which are structurally intact. Splinters of broken timbers block the entrance to the building, labeled overhead with the text "Onuago Town Hall" in carved lettering.
The boards are easily removed fro the doorway, revealing a door less passage into the interior, location 2.

2 Antechamber
From here, the main dome of the town hall rises into the next room. The floor slopes sharply down, forming a basin, which is full of murky water, the ripples illuminated in the crisp moonlight. A small boat is tied to the shore close to this chamber.
The party will find that the boat is seaworthy, and that the water is at least 6' deep. Ideally, they will take it to the center of the chamber, where gargoyles lay in wait at location 3.

3 Center of the Dome
The water here is suddenly not so calm! Swooping down from above are two gargoyles, while another two burst from the water, rocking the boat!

Once the party reaches this spot (hopefully in the boat), the gargoyles will attack. f the party members in the boat when the attack begins must make a reflex save DC 15 or fall in the water. Characters who fall in the water are descended upon by any gargoyles not already engaged in melee.
Creatures: Gargoyles (4) as per DMG. HP: 37, 41, 33, 45
Tactics: The gargoyles will wait until the party has passed them before attacking by swooping down upon them. Though vicious, they are not bloodthirsty, and if strongly opposed will likely flee through the cracked dome and scatter.
Treasure: The individual gargoyle's hordes are located under the lecturn in location 4 and include material looted from the Town Hall's coffers. The individual caches of treasure are: 1) 23,190 silver coins (2,319 gp), 374 gold coins (374 gp) and 64 platinum coins (640 gp), 26,043 silver coins (2,604.3 gp) and a scroll- divine (150 gp) Stonetell (l2, cl3), 4) 466 gold coins (466 gp) and a potion of Reduce (at 5th level) (250 gp), which is fallow-colored, has a peppery odor and taste, and a vaporous, layered appearance.
Development: Any gargoyles that escape the party's defenses will fly off to harpy point where they came from and may be encountered there later.

The side chambers are all empty, with the exception of a few nests made from shredded parchment and scrolls. This suggests other living creatures which make their homes here, as gargoyles require no such nests. Indeed, harpies from the island in the bay sometimes take up residence in the town hall, and toy with and feast on Onuago's less-aware citizens.

4 Lecturn

The gargoyles' horde is stuffed inside an old lecturn (see location 3).
A worn and warped lecturn is the lone island in the far end of the chamber. The moonlight casts unsual shadows against the back of the room, framing the brightly lit lecturn.

5 Councilman Rifa's Chambers
Two feet of standing water fill the room. A bookshelf on the far wall appears half full.
Most of the documents are simple, though the party finds old documents describing the rising waters and the lack of useful legislation and organization to stop it. I addition, the party finds a scroll of Comprehend Languages and another of Zone of Truth.

6 Councilwoman Gulley's Chambers
A film of sticky mud coats the bottom foot of the room, unmarked by footprints or other visible signs of disturbance.

The party finds documents describing the lack of focus on public health and other domestic shortfalls of the Port of Onuago. Gulley's personal writings lambast the inability of the town council to get the job done.

7 Back Chambers
Shallow ridges in the mud-filled hallway give way to a 20x20' chamber.
This meeting room/hallway is the home of a mud naga (stats to appear as a new creature). The naga has very little treasure.

8 Steps
A set of stairs leads up, though the passage is filled with rubble.
The party is unable to move this rubble, and if they do, the steps lead to an empty, roofless chamber that overlooks the dome. There is nothing of interest here.

9 Rally Pedestal

This was once the rally point for political organizations that approached the town council. It was also once a shrine to Hemera and Nyx, the Gods of Time.

If the characters examine it closely enough, they find "Time is on our side" etched into the wooden pedestal.

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