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NPC: Belarand Glaenval 8th level cleric of Obad Hai

Belarand Glaenval
8th level cleric of Obad Hai
chaotic neutral
size: medium

Dressed in white buckskin leggings, russet colored tunic, and lincoln green jerkin embroidered with golden oak leaves and acorns, Belarand Glaenval is ever teaching the ways of the natural world to the primitive peoples of the wilderness. He carries an oaken quarterstaff, the weapon of his diety Obad Hai, Shalm, the green man. Strapped to his belt are a mapcase, an ornate handaxe, leather purses, and a simple dagger. Slung over his shoulder is a gray and tattered bedroll.

HP: 61
AC: 19
Init: +3
Speed: 30'

Str: 14 (+2)
Dex: 16 (+3)
Con: 15 (+2)
Int: 12 (+1)
Wis: 18 (+4)
Cha: 12 (+1)

Fort: +8
Ref: +5
Will: +10

Base Attack: +6/+1
Melee: +8/+3
Ranged: +9/+4

Weapons: +1 quarterstaff, +1 hand axe, +2 composite long bow (+2 strength bonus), dagger
Armor: +1 Mithral shirt, AC bonus +5, max dex +6
-ring of protection +1
-boots of elven kind (+5 move silently)
-Quiver of Elhonna

Languages: common, elven, sylvan

Racial traits: low light vision, +2 diplomacy and gather information checks, +1 listen spot and search, immune to sleep spells, +2 vs enchanment spells

Special abilities: Speak with animals once per day (animal domain), command plant creatures 4 times a day (plant domain)(+2 on check because of 5 or more ranks in knowledge nature), turn undead 4 times per day.

Feats: two weapon fighting, combat casting, scribe scroll

concentration +16/ craft clothes +2/ Diplomacy +4/ Gather information +5/ Heal +12/ Knowledge religion +3/ Knowledge nature +6/ Listen +5/ Move silently +8/ Search +2/
Spot +6/ Survival(cc) +5

DM Information:
His elven mother dying during childbirth, Belarand's grief stricken human father brought him to the house of his elven grandparents. There he grew into adulthood. Though his kin would try to make him feel as family, he could still hear the echo of whispers behind closed doors. The tragic tale of his mother leaving the endless wood for her human lover.
One moonless evening in his young adulthood, Belarand left his childhood home and ventured off alone into the endless wood. Hoping to find some hint of his destiny(or history)he wandered south through the great expanse of forest. After a few days his food began to run out. He took heart though for he still recognized some of the edible fruits of the forest, and he had brought a bow with him if he decided he should shoot a hart. A few days more, he is all out of the provisions with which he set out. Collecting some nuts and berries along the way he walks on. Coming upon a delightful and clear brook he decides to make camp and see if an animal coming to drink can't be had for food. Listening to that water play about the rocks lulls young Belarand to sleep, and when he awakes day had passed into night and the light of the moon shone through the trees. Sitting up he startled an animal that had come to drink in the moon's reflection. A great white stag with antlers a man's height across was leaping back into the forest across the stream from where Belarand lay. Filled with a great wonder he sprang up. Bow in hand he gave chase to the stag. In his hunger, Belarand tired soon. He fell upon the ground and cried. Feeling a bit sore with cuts on his face and hands, he fell into an exhausted sleep. When he awoke it was the grey light of early morning. He was sleeping next to a small camp fire and a pot of something smelling tasty was sitting in the coals. An old man was staring at him.
As it turned out the old stranger was not overly fond of conversation. He spat out a gruff, "Eat!" gesturing toward the pot. Belarand gladly accepted the meager stew. Over the next 3 days the stranger guided Belarand through the forests, stopping only occasionaly to show the young man some edible plant or animal track. At dusk on the third day they came upon a small temple to Obad-Hai.
"It is here I must leave you." The stranger told young Belarand, and turned and vanished into the forest.
Belarand adopted to temple life fairly easily. It was very comfortable for its rusticness. And much the Brothers and Sisters were willing to teach him, for he was eager to learn. He stayed there for 12 years, before the calling came upon him. A party was thrown for him before his departure, and gifts were given to aid him in his journey. He will sometimes return to his temple to visit old friends.

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