Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Fireflyer in a Jar

These rare and strange items amount to a fireflyer literally magically trapped in a jar. The most common fireflyer in a jar is one that produces light. In certain magical realms, such as the Phyloctaete, children catch fireflyers in jars and use them to read and play by. In most locations though, they have scarcely been heard of.

The fireflyer in a jar is created when someone catches a fireflyer off its guard, trapping it in a jar. This has the effect of essentially charming the fireflyer until it it set free. If the jar is opened or smashed, the fireflyer is set free from its bonds, and so escapes into the wild and will act accordingly, possibly even attacking whoever sets them free.

Cost: depends on the spell level of the fireflyer, increasing roughly exponentially starting at 500gp (lvl2 - 1000gp, 3 - 2000gp, 4 - 4000gp, etc.) Though, these costs are much less in regions of high magic.

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