Friday, November 10, 2006

Magic Item: Goggles of Paranoia

Originally crafted by the reclusive wizard Zalahazan Kramnezzar, these goggles would fetch a fine price as edgy adornment. Various high quality knock-offs exist, as well as a few low-quality ones. Regardless of the quality, others are likely to pay a hefty sum for such copies, since the goggles are rather trendy. These goggles travel from wearer to wearer, and usually stay within the rogue community -- usually stolen from a previous recluse by a greedy thief.

When worn, these goggles make the wearer paranoid. Despite this paranoia, the wearers usually insist on wearing them, as they feel that they are well liked when wearing them, and that they are more aware of what's going on around them. In fact, wearers suffer a -3 Charisma penalty but the user can use a standard action to activate True Seeing (Clr4). Over time, the wearer tends to become a recluse, like dear old Zalahazan himself, who never intended the consequence of his failed enchantment. They are rarely but occasionally (and arguably mistakingly) refered to by their intended name -- Goggles of True Seeing.

Since they are rarely for sale, they don't really have an accurate street price.

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