Thursday, December 21, 2006

Location: The Hamlet of Elsemere

(note, this map contains locations within The Great Elsemere Wood as well)

The Hamlet of Elsemere, pop 90ish
Wealth: Gold Piece Limit: 100 gp
Ready Cash: 450 gp
Power Center: Magical: chaotic evil priest of St. Cuthbert / The Old Ones
Community Authority: 2nd level warrior
Highest level NPCs in the community:
Barbarian: 1st
Bard: 2nd
Commoner: 9th
Druid: 4th
Expert: 7th
Fighter: 3rd
Rogue: 4th
Sorcerer: 1st
Warrior: 2nd

Part of the village of Elsemere has been reclaimed by the forest. The mausoleum was once the edge of town, but it is now hundereds of feet inside the forest. If the party investigates close enough, they will find old tracks leading into the forest - what was once the road through town.

The present-day town is surrounded on three sides by farmland and on one by Elsemere Wood. Corrupted fey creatures have their own nefarious names for the dark forest they call home.

Notable locations:
C: Once the center of town, the Cathedral of St. Carlos has been taken defiled and corrupted by a priest of St. Cuthbert.
F: The Fallen Lumber Inn is the last operating inn in this dwindling economy.
M: This makeshift mill processes the remaining lumber produced by the townspeople of Elsemere.
Entrances to the Wood: Dark and foreboding, these narrow creases in the forest provide a crawlspace into the interior. Characters taking these paths should beware.

Notable characters:
Morbane the Mad Monk (CR3)
Another important person in town is the scholar's mentor, who is studying the forest. Perhaps she is the 4th level druid.
Another is the cleric who didn't make the list. His level should be around 10ish +2 for the begotten of the old ones template...
Pava the Wise occasionally visits this hamlet, so she may be present. Also Temas Falkor sometimes makes his bardly way here to gain knowledge. He is writing a song about the encroaching forest brought on by the sadness of the Elsemereans.

If the characters seek a vantage point from which to view the forest, they spy the stony towers of the Shada Monastery, which from its position on a hill in the Wood, peeks through the overgrown canopy.

If the characters ask around enough, they may learn some facts about the monks who study in the monastery, including Morbane, the Mad Monk of Elsemere, who splits his time between the hallowed halls of Shada and the muddied streets of Elsemere.

Another post will cover the locations within the Wood.

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