Friday, December 22, 2006

Magic Item: Paddle of Punishment

(note: the image is but an artist's rendition, or rending an artist's butt...)

This paddle has been used to render punishment for past shall we say improprieties. Often kept behind the counter by more benevolent shopkeepers to deal with meddling kids, this paddle does 1d2 damage to those who receive the business end in the behind. In addition, upon a succesful hit, if the creature hit has less HD than the attacker, it deals a round of stun followed by a round of confusion, then 1d10 rounds of guilt. This is usually enough to teach 'em a lesson! For those with equal HD, only 1 round of confusion is dealt. For those targets with more HD, the result is usually anger.

Optional addition: 1-3 spikes can be added for real puinshment (1 spike adds +1 damage, so all three makes the paddle 1d2+3)

The price of the paddle is never spoken of outside merchant's circles, so it's up to the DM to scale the price based on appropriate "market forces."

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