Saturday, June 02, 2007

Ettin Lands

At the southern end of the Cyrűk mountains, a strain of ettin have made their home for multiple generations. These two-faced creatures often end up meeting their fate when one of their brethren challenges them to a duel to the death over some misunderstanding.

The Ettin Lands are a series of three tall hills surrounded by the neighboring peaks. Within these borders, ettin law reign supreme, that of might makes right. This way of life has been passed down through ettin culture, a mismatch of orc, giant, and various other mythologies and beliefs. It seems they are continually confused, perhaps due to their multiple heads, which often do not agree. Ettin (especially from this isolated region) have been known to argue with their own heads, sometimes leading to the two halves of the body pummeling the other to the ground. What is strange is watching them go at it -- the right head controls the left side of the body, and vice versa, so the opposing blows must cross one-another in order to contact the intended targets.

Occasionally an ettin will travel outside of these borders into lands inhabited by humans or others of their ilk, but they have largely stuck to this region because of the plentiful supply of large game to hunt. In the neighboring Ettal valley, the meat is much leaner and quicker, making for too challenging a hunt, a major deterrent to this lazy species.

Still, they have been known to hunt men for sport. That is, when they can get along long enough to keep organized.

Recently, the ettin have been haunted by their own zombies, who roam the mountainsides at night in search of brains... ettin technically have two per body, making them even tastier prey to these zombies.

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