Friday, June 08, 2007

Mage Hand of Athenetos

This hand belonged to Athenetos of the Spider-Priests, a drow wizard of great power. When he was slain by Barael his daemonic familiar whisked his corpse to safety and eventually sold it to Oxceros, an yugoloth arcanaloth. Oxceros pried all the secrets he could from the body via necromantic magic, and then used the left hand to create this Mage Hand. He used it for some time before trading it to Belo Adukar, a dwarven mage along with knowledge of some powerful spells in exchange for a pledge of service and devotion. On Belo's death it passed out of history into the mortal world. DC 40 knowledge arcana, history or planes reveals this history.

The mage hand is in a glass and crystal requilary, which is inscribed with the name Athenetos. When held it functions as a rod of maxamizing metamagic allowing the wielder to spontaneously maximize up to three spells of up to sixth level each day. Additionally it can be used to cast spectral hand 1/day and a maximized touch of idiocy 3 / day. These effects are at caster level 17, 3 and 9 respectively.

This mage hand is worth 104,760 gold. It and it's box weigh 8 pounds.

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