Wednesday, June 20, 2007


The invention of Nazur Tscheryn, the original version of this spell component can be added to many spells to extend their duration. It can also have other, stranger, properties when used with certain spells, similar to wild effects. For the most part this has the effect of extending the spell cast as though the caster had used the Extend Spell feat, thereby doubling the duration of the spell cast.

When using magedust, spells take a full round to cast, unless the spell's casting time is longer than a standard action, in which case the spell's casting time is unchanged.

The idea of supplementing material components has spread throughout the arcane community, leading to much experimentation. For the original version, mages tend to mix magedust using equal parts saltpeter, magnesium, sulfurous ash, though there are countless variations, some of which have other metamagical effects, such as extending the range and area of effect.

For a gram of magedust, it usually costs 100 gold coins, or 50 gold coins to make it yourself, depending on the individual recipe. The search is on to find cheaper alternatives to bring about the same effects. In all cases, craft alchemy checks can be used to create magedust for half the market prices listed below.

Enough magedust to extend up to a 3rd level spell costs 100 gold to buy. To extend up to a 6th level spell, 250 gold worth of mage dust must be used. And to extend up to a ninth level spell, 500 gold worth of magedust must be used.

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