Thursday, August 17, 2006

Character: Jaded Jax (bard) CR3-4

This is one of the characters that will be present in the Snug Harbor Inn at most times.

Jaded Jax CR 4
neutral evil male human bard 4
medium humanoid
Init: +2 Senses: normal
Listen Spot
Languages: common

AC: 17 (+2 Dex, +5 Armor) Touch 12, Flat Footed: 15 [+1 with Dodge]
HP: (HD 4d6+4)
Fort: +1+1 = +2 Ref: +4+2 = +6 Will: +4+1 = +6

MV: 30 ft.
Attack: +2 dagger (1d4-1)
Space / Reach: 5ft / 5ft
Base Attack: +3 Grapple: +2

Abilities: Str:9 Dex:14 Con:12 Int:11 Wis:13 Cha: 16 (with the +1 at 4th level)
SA: Bardic music, bardic knowledge, countersong, fascinate, inspire courage +1, inspire competence, bardic spells.
Feats: Spell Focus (Enchantment), Dodge, Skill Focus (Sleight of Hand)
Skills: 42 sp Appraise (Int) +2, Bluff (Cha)+7+3 = +10, Concentration (Con), Diplomacy (Cha), Disguise (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Gather Information (Cha), Hide (Dex) +4+2 = +6, Knowledge (local) (Int) +2, Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex) +4+2 = +6, Perform (Cha) +7+3 = +10, Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis) +7+1 = +8, Sleight of Hand (Dex) +7+2+3 = +12. Common, elven, orcish.

Spells Available:
Spells / Day: 0th: 3, 1st: 3, 2nd: 1
Spells Known:
0th: detect magic, ghost sound, lullaby, mage hand, prestidigitation, summon instrument
1st: charm person (DC 15), cheat*, expditious retreat
2nd: invisibility, suggestion (DC 16)

Posessions: (3,300gp) +1 mithrail chain shirt (2,300 gp), dagger, p otion of cure light wounds (50 gp), antitoxin, lyre of mal-oudiousness * (3,125 gp), ratty clothes, 12 copper.

Description: Having lived only a short time Onuago, he has quickly become famous for his beautiful and haunting melodies. Unfortunately, his voice is his only redeeming quality. Dirty, and disheveled, he often reeks of yesterdays wine and/or the privy. His hair is dark, but thinning and he is constantly scratching his head and muttering under his breath. One of his eyes was taken in a knife fight and he wears a black patch w/ gold and jade decoration to conceal it. His nose is crooked, and his teeth are yellowed and stained. His features have a pinched look which causes him to resemble a rodent. He is of middling height, slight of build, but thick through the waist from too much wine. His dress, though once fine, is now threadbare and patched. It has been speculated that he stole it from some wealthy nobleman years ago. He keeps a dagger hidden in his sleve and is quick to brandish it if he feels threatened. The inn keeper tolerates him for his lovely singing, as he keeps the customers darker thoughts at bay while they drink away their sorrows. Gold will get you stories and rumors about the goings on in the city. He sleeps on the floor near the hearth with his hands clasped around his lyre. No one is certain where he came from but he has become a fixture at the Snug Harbor Inn.

Personality: Jax has earned the title of "jaded", he is well known for his foul disposition and quickness to anger. Jax is drunk more often than not, and will do anything to ensure that the wine continues to flow. He is as arrogant as he is ignorant, knowing very little outside the realm of drink and song. Though he might not be wise or well learned, he is in possesion of an animal cunning. He will oft try to wring an extra coin out of a patron with blatant flattery, and simpering subservience, but these behaviors are naught but a ruse. In reality he is a coniving lout with no thoughts of others. He will do anything to get ahead, and would not think twice about slitting someone's throat to do so. Jax is also a coward though, so if he feels that his life is in danger, he will attempt to flee.

Motivation: Jax has only two goals: wine and escape. No deed is too low to accomplish fulfilling both. He often steals wine from the inn when he has no coin to pay, and has no qualms at picking the pockets of the inn's patrons, especially those deep in their cups. He has been prowling up and down the coast in search of a seaworthy vessel to carry him to greener shores. He has little coin, and what he has he spends on wine. Therefore, he plans to stow away on the first ship he comes across.

Party Interaction: Upon learning that the party has access to a ship, he will immediately attempt to charm them with his bardic wiles. He will offer them rumors and song in exchange for passage out of the doomed city. He is persistant and will follow the party. If they refuse him or ignore him, he will begin to beg and offer to help the party in whatever endeavors they undergo. If this does not work, he will become angry and distant, attempting to steal enough gold from them to buy passage. If caught, he will attempt to flee. He has a hiding place in E. Onuago where he will fall back to if chased.

* see Book of Vile Darkness

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