Thursday, August 17, 2006

Magic Item: The Hand of Despair

This potent magic item was created by a powerful Necromancer named Balthazar the Broken. After decades of practicing his dark arts, he went decidedly mad. He began to fear that his enemies lurked around every corner, and lest they catch him unawares, he crafted an item of great power that would allow him to escape the clutches of his foes.

At first glance, this appears to be an ordinary glove, made out of soft, black leather. Upon the palm of the glove, there is a grey circle which appears to be made of grey velvet. If the glove is examined more closely, one can observe that the patch of grey shifts and swirls as if filled with dense smoke or fog.

To use this item the player must know the command word which is typically sewn on the inside lining of the glove. While wearing the glove the player must turn their palm upward and utter the command word, at which point a 3 inch glass sphere will appear in their hand. The globe appears to be filled with smoke or fog as well. When the user hurls the sphere at an opponent (successful ranged touch attack), the sphere will shatter and a shadow will emerge and immediately begin attacking the target.

The shadow will attack this target until it is slain, or until it is destroyed. If the target is killed, the shadow will follow the orders of the wearer of the hand, in the limited capacity that it is capable of (i.e. protect me/attack this creature). Creatures that are killed by the shadow do not themselves become shadows. The shadow will remain for ten minutes, or until destroyed. Summoned shadows share the alignment of the wearer of the Hand of Despair.

This magic item comes in two forms Lesser, and Greater. The Lesser version summons a regular shadow, whereas the Greater summons a Greater shadow. The Greater shadow does 1d8 STR damage, as opposed to 1d6. They also have the Spring Attack feat, in addition to Dodge and Mobility. (See MM)

Lesser Hand of Despair: Moderate Conjuration; Craft Wonderous Item; Summon Monster IV; cost 5,040 gp.

Greater Hand of Despair: Strong Conjuration; Craft Wonderous Item; Summon Monster VI; cost 11,880 gp.

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