Thursday, August 17, 2006

Character: Parvic Potbelly (Inn Keeper of the Snug Harbor) Fighter CR 3

Description: Parvic is a middle aged man with flaming red hair. He has a shinny, bald pate, but his humongous sprouting beard all but swallows his face. Extremely short, Parvic makes up for it with his tremendous girth, and booming voice. He laughs loudly and often, and locals often refer to him as the last good natured man left in Onuago. He has great bushy eyebrows, and sparkling blue eyes that seem to twinkle when he is filled with mirth. Parvic always has a rosy hue to his cheeks, and tends to sweat profusely. Although the passage of time has stolen his youth he still retains his bearlike strength. His inn is well taken care of, even in these times of trouble. The floors are swept and the mahogany wood of the bar is polished to a golden sheen. His dress is nondescript, aside from the multicolored suspender he wears. Above his bar hangs a massive great axe to remind all the he was not always a jovial, good natured inn keeper, and that his establishment is no place for trouble.

Parvic Potbelly: fighter 1 commoner 3

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