Friday, August 24, 2007

Athiest Domain

An athiest priest does not believe in any gods, instead drawing their power from the faithless and other forces one can believe in. As such, they are a powerful force that works against the holy and unholy powers that be (or be not). Since they do not draw their power from a particular god, they seek not the favors of deities. Instead, they draw power from those in the local populace and vicinity who are unbelievers. Their power differs greatly in different lands. In holy lands, they are neigh powerless, whereas in more godless lands, they usually wield a power equal to clerics of the holier lands.

They wield a non-holy magic, and their spell damage is less healable by their holy and unholy brethren.

They also gain the ability to cast spells to bring about certain non-holy/unholy effects that are otherwise similar to the divine versions. In fact, most spells are available to athiest clerics, though those with holy or unholy in the name or description are strictly forbidden.

The most effective athiest clerics maintain a true neutral alignment, however, all alignments are open to athiests.

At all levels, athiest clerics may attempt to counter any divine magic, called "disbelieving." This is done similar to the counterspell rules for arcane magic.

Athiest Domain Spells

1st: Shaky Faith - like cause fear but non-holiness.
2nd: Invisibilty to the Faithful - invisibility to anyone of faith. No effect on the faithless.
3rd: Faithlessness - An anti-prayer, same effect but from faithlessness.
4th: Expose - expose one of faith's hypocrisies.
5th: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt - strike fear uncertainty and doubt in the hearts of men.
6th: Faithlessness Strike - Like flame strike, but with faithlesness as the weapon.
7th: Separation of Church and State - create zones where gods cannot meddle in the affairs of men.
8th: Mass Faithlessness - strike fear, uncertainty and doubt in many hearts of men.
9th: Coincidence - like miracle but emanating from a secular place.

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