Friday, August 17, 2007

GenCon part 1

So just a few quick notes on GenCon. This is my first time at Gencon but I know already it won't be my last. I haven't been to a con in a long time, about 17 years, but I'm really glad I came.

I arrived the first night and just wandered around confused. You'd think that at a gaming convention there would be easier maps. But the real cause of the problem was the sheer size of the thing. GenCon is the entire convention center, all three floors, and all the ballrooms and conference rooms in five or six hotels.

Lots of great costumes too. Another post to come with those pictures soon.

So Thursday was a waste, except for finding out that not only do people still play classic Battletech, but that this company has secured the license and is publishing it, with the rules streamlined, and some sheets for mechs already filled in. It's like they took all the suck out.

Today was much better. I spent all day going to various forums on game design and publishing, which if you read this blog you can safely assume I'm interested in. I also went to all my favorite publishers in the dealer's room and talked to them some. The folks at Goodman Games, makers of Dungeon Crawl Classics, and the people at Paizo, who put out Dungeon Magazine, all said they liked the look of the issues of Claw / Claw / Bite! that I brought with me. Plus, I got to touch Monte Cook! So today was a good day.

Look! I'm saying something and Monte is listening to me!!!! ---->

Anyway, I'm about to go run through the "True Dungeon", a life-size dungeon that you actually adventure through yourself! Footage of that coming soon, if all goes well.

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Losian said...

You are awesome. I had no idea GenCon had gotten so big. I wanted to go to DexCon's 30'x 50' 1:1 scale warhammer 40k battlefield, but it wouldn't be the same without you. Hey - you need a roommate?