Thursday, August 23, 2007

GenCon part 4

Here are a few video clips from my favorite part of GenCon 2007 - "Monte Cook Speaks". Here Monte speaks about a variety of things: take a look.

An interview with Monte Cook at GenCon 2007. Monte talks about what it's like to be at GenCon as a participant instead of a vendor for the first time. He goes on to talk about the removal of demons and devils from D&D in 2nd edition,

Monte talks about "A Paladin in Hell", and his experience writing that during a time when TSR had removed the demons and devils from Dungeons & Dragons.

Monte talks about the last days of 2nd edition of Dungeons & Dragons, the reasons for the success of 3rd edition, and what that means for the upcoming 4th edition.

Monte gives some advice on getting into the gaming industry.

For more about Monte Cook, check out his site here.

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