Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Discus of Annihilation

This metallic disc soars up to 120 feet away, striking targets for 3d8 dmg and returning to the wielder's hand. Unfortunately, it has a limited number of strikes (usually around 10 charges) before it annihilates itself. Without specific training, it is difficult hard to be accurate with the discus. Wielders are required to have martial or exotic proficiencies to avoid penalties.

Variants that do not annihilate themselves include a sonic disc (1d8+1d6 sonic damage), flame disc (1d8+1d6 fire damage), holy discus (1d8+1d6 holy damage), etc, etc.

Craft Magic Arms, return to sender; permanency; Cost 12,000 gp. The only magic given off by the standard version is the return to sender spell. Alternate versions also give off the enchantments that provide each bonus.

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