Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Light Dragon Armor

Fashioned by the famed and venerable dwarven blacksmith Tibal, this shiny scale-like armor gives off a perpetual light when worn. It is not armor with a light spell cast upon it, but a rather strange force that is not understood by either mages nor clerics.

It gives off a faint glow of magic, but that is not due to what powers the light. Nobody is quite sure why this particular suit of ancient armor gives off such a glow.

Light armor is, in fact, a light armor, so it affects the abilities of spellcasters and rogues much like leather armor.

It turns out it is powered by the heart of a silver dragon named Saribet which once lived high in the mountains. As such, this armor affords a 50% damage reduction against all things draco.

Since this item is unique, its value is priceless. Its location is unknown.

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