Monday, January 21, 2008

Saribet's Heart

High in the mountains, this dragon once perched above the trees, serving the powers of good and protecting the land from his chromatic brethren. However, it is said that a sneaky dwarf mage posing as a lady dragon once stole his heart. His old home lies high in the mountains in a place where no dwarves dare return, lest they be haunted by his troubled spirit. They need someone else to investigate the matter.

Saribet has long-since passed, having literally died when he lost his figurative heart, but his spectre is said to haunt the alpine valleys of the Sarhumet Mountains, named for his father, a demi-god among dragons. The dwarves who live in the villages still shake and shudder along with their homes when they feel the cold winds of winter. Strong winds accompanied by the howl of a distant spirit is enough to keep anyone indoors during these months. However, this is exactly when the party arrives.

It is said that his enormous footsteps can still be found in snowbanks high in the passes. Saribet's heart has been taken somewhere outside of Sarhumet, and he cannot rest until it is returned, and thus, neither can the dwarves. They have taken to writing sad tales of love and loss, rather than fashioning high-end items to the rest of the land, so the effects of this situation are felt throughout Proppian.

News of this story travel throughout the land as the dwarven tales have found their way onto the playlists of many a Proppian bard. It is likely that the party has heard about this situation through just such a tale.

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