Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Divine Liberation

I'd like to dedicate today's post to E. Gary Gygax, who has just passed away. Gary's adventures surrounding Tharizdun were a major inspiration for this idea, and so it seems appropriate to dedicate it to him. Of course, this small thing is nothing compared to the joy and inspiration I have received because of him and his work. I write this in the spirit of sending thanks and help to those who are no longer in this world.

This campaign plot line turns a common thread around.

Generally, an imprisoned deity is the bad guy that the PC heroes are trying to keep locked up. In this reversal of the story, a benevolent deity that the PCs worship or care about has been imprisoned.

This could be a long story arcing over a campaign, or a shorter story for higher level characters.

If used for a long campaign, the imprisoned deity may have been trapped long ago, and now some prophecy or omen has involved the PCs with it's release.

If a short story, the deity may have just been recently tricked or put upon by another, malevolent or jealous deity, and the PCs must help the god overcome it's tribulations. The part they play may be a minor, but pivotal part in a larger effort.

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