Thursday, March 06, 2008

Issue 11 Released

As our readers well know, Claw/Claw/Bite is a resource for storytellers and gamemasters to help create thrilling worlds of adventure for your players to test their mettle in. In each issue, you'll find new characters, creatures, magic items, encounters, and locations for use in your campaigns. We also include little nuggets that will enrich your world with cool details and intriguing features.

We've just finished issue 11 of Claw / Claw / Bite, and are releasing it for sale on Follow the link below to receive half off the cover price. That's right, for our blog readers, this issue is only $1.50.

Get Issue 11 of Claw Claw Bite here at %50 off, a special offer for our blog readers!

Our goal is to be a "one-stop shop" for you, the gamemaster. With little or no tweaking on your part, you will be able to drop any game element from Claw/Claw/Bite into your adventure setting and run it how you see fit. All of our creations are designed for d20 fantasy rules. And of course, all of our everything is carefully reviewed and balanced to fit into your game without disrupting your play balance.

This issue of Claw/Claw/Bite includes

* New variant rules for casting with mana instead of preparing spells
* Four new creatures, including a new True Dragon: the jungle hunting Onyx Dragon
* Two new campaign locations -- the town of Alabaster and the wilderness of Goduanil
* A new feature: Seeds, Legens and Hooks
* Two new magic items
* Two new spells
* Twelve NPCs, including the cadre of heroes at 5th level
* A mini-adventure in which the party is split up, captured, and must escape from a prison in hell.

Get Issue 11 of Claw Claw Bite here at %50 off, a special offer for our blog readers!

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