Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzephyrians

It is sung in The Deed of Barael:
... we crossed the burning wasteland
sought out forgotten tomb
within a shattered chamber
beneath a broken moon
we looked amongst the ruins
where cities once did rise
from graves of fallen kings there
what doom shall rise
old legends tell of weapons
wielded by kings of old
crafted by evil wizards
unholy to behold
we seek the fire lances
led to the ancient grave
the world where they were masters
now lays in waste
let us live the prophecy
all you know will cease to be ...

It is said that long ago the lands that are now the Middle Kingdoms were ruled by a band of friends; warrior lords who called themselves the Hyperzepharians. It is said that they wielded these weapons as they swept across the planes on steeds who flew with magic horseshoes.

In times long past, beset from the west by raiding gnoll tribes from the badlands, the beleaguered lords of that land traveled north to the temple of Baccob to beseech the mages there for aid defending their peoples. Unknown to them, the head clerics there had been seduced by the promises of Vecna, God of Secrets. After making a terrible bargain with the Priests of Secrets the warriors of the Hyperzephyrins were given these burning lances. At that time a prophecy was pronounced stating that the kings would defeat their enemies, but that upon their passing all that they knew would cease to be.

So great was the power of these weapons that all who faces them on the battlefield were laid low, and soon the gnolls were driven back. Emboldened by their power and their fearsome reputation, the kings of the Hyperzepharins made war on their neighbors, and took other's lands for their own. After years of felling all who stood against them, they entered a long age of peace, and growing old, hid their magic lances and horseshoes and saddles for their sons to use if the need came.

But their subjugated neighbors never forgot that they were once free men, and under the banner of a rebel warlord from the east, they rose up and in a lightning war that swept the Hyperzepharian's royal line from the land.

The secret of the resting place of the fire lances died with them, or so it was thought until recently....

Fire Lance

These +2 heavy lances are enchanted such that, upon the speaking of a command word, they are sheathed in flames, dealing an additional 1d6 points of damage on a successful hit. In addition, they are imbued with the power to unleash bolts of fire from their tips three times a day. Striking a target with a bolt requires a ranged touch attack, and deals 12d6 points of fire damage, no save.

Were the location of any of these weapons known, their market value would be considerable.

Strong transmutation and evocation; CL: 11; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, scorching ray; 68,000 gold

And once again, thanks to The Sword for inspiration - lyrics to "Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzephyrians" copyright 2008 The Sword, used without permission but with total respect and admiration.

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Howling Mime said...

cool! one of my favorite posts of the past few months! i want a fire lance... need to start saving up 68,000 gp...